See pics: What? The interior of the Bigg Boss 15's house is copied? Huge Revelation by Diet Sabya

See pics: What? The interior of the Bigg Boss 15’s house is copied? Huge Revelation by Diet Sabya

Diet Sabya makes a huge revelation about Bigg Boss 15's house duplication

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The some parts of the house of Bigg Boss 15 is copied from various exhibitions. Diet Sabya reveals the original work.

The most attractive part of all the seasons of the Bigg Boss is the house of Bigg Boss. Designers and constructors take a lot of effort to make such a stylish home and Bigg Boss 15 is also not an exception. Jungle theme-based Bigg Boss 15 house is a great amalgamation of Jungle-based yet modern house. But what if we say the house of Bigg Boss 15 is copied? Well, it is true and one Instagrammer has proved it.

Yesterday, the Diet Sabya account handler posted an original creation and a part of the Bigg Boss 15 house which is copied. There is an art in the living room of Bigg Boss which shows a flamingo coming in the room but originally this is the art home from Tpa. The stories of the Diet Sabya suggest that the original art piece is of 1.2 million dollars. It also shows a note which reads, “The immersive sculpture is made from resin and fiberglass and depicts a flamingo dipping it’s head beneath the water to feed. The $520000 public art piece is expected to be installed in November.”

Posting original and copied art of the home Diet Sabya wrote, “The #biggboss15 set designer really said “… let me give them artttt!” 😂🤪
OG art home by @matthewmazzotta; #gandicopy by BB 15 set designer 👨‍🎨”

Next story of Diet Sabya shows another art piece of Bigg Boss 15 house copied. There is piece in the house of BB which shows a sculpture is hanging and resting on the wall. The sculpture is from Milan, Italy’s exhibition. matteopugieseart is the account which posted the original sculpture with the caption, “March 29th 2001: my First Exhibition. Exactly Twenty years ago my career as an artist began, with my first exhibition in the center of Milan. No art gallery wanted to invest in an unknown young man who hadn’t even done the academy of Fine Arts and who had never interned with another artist. So, pushed by my dear friend Federica, I rented a space under the Velasca tower and we organized the first exhibition. I went into debt to organize that exhibition, and taking that risk was the best move of my life. I still remember the energy of that day and the shock I got at realizing that it could really be my future, my job, my life. Once again thank you Ornaghina! #frstexhibition #2001 #torrevelasca #sculpture #memories #myjob❤️”

Next is the chairs at the dining table which shows ‘fornasetti’s tema e variazioni’


What are your views on these copied art by Bigg Boss 15?


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