Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan says why is it that only Jay Bhanushali is targeted for language and not Meisha Iyer and others!

Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan says why is it that only Jay Bhanushali is targeted for language and not Meisha Iyer and others!

Salman Khan calls out all the housemates to only target Jay for his language and not Meisha

In the weekend Ka Vaar session Salman Khan talks about biasness that is going on inside the house of Bigg Boss 15.

Jay Bhanushali has been targeted on social media from the first week regarding his language. Surprisingly a topic that was never raised before as many contestants in the past have used foul language on national television. Arjun Bijlani and Karan Patel too backed up Jay last week by saying it’s a normal tone for some of us.

Jay Bhanushali came in as a surprise package on the show & had to pay the price for being one of the most popular faces on the show as he became the target of Pratik Sehajpal’s constant provocation.

While the internet was divided between two, one that of supporting Pratik, while majority stood by Jay’s side, people who have followed him & his journey for the last 15 years. Jay Bhanushali who was in the eye of the storm has finally won hearts again, this time around for being a loyal friend in the house.

While back biting is a far common thing in the house, fans have suggested that Jay seems to be the only contestant who hasn’t resorted to any of it, thus touted as a real friend in the house. Jay’s camaraderie with Tejasswi has been liked & appreciated by their fans.

In a conversation with Ieshaan Sehgaal, Jay was heard talking about Meisha that he’s willing to nominate himself for her. He was willing to take a risk of his own eviction for friendship.

Jay had developed a bond with Karan Kundra, Vishal Kotian who have time and again spoken ill of him behind his back which hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans who have been raving about Jay’s loyalty towards his friends.

This week Salman has bashed the housemates and viewers saying that if Jay’s language has become such a concern then why is everyone ok with Meisha’s usage of foul language! Now that’s right, why are the rules different?


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