“Pathetic,” BTS’ V Calls Out Fans And Publications For Spreading False Dating Rumors About Him.

BTS’ V is known for speaking his mind and having no filters. His fans admire this trait about him so much that they call him ‘Human Lie Detector’ out of affection. V attended an Art Exhibition with the chairwoman of ‘Paradise Group’ Choi Yoon-Jung and her daughter on October 13th. It was this event that sparked dating rumours between V and the daughter of ‘Paradise Group’ chairman. To those who don’t know, Paradise Group is a South Korean Conglomerate known for their hotel and resort chains across the country.

V’s agency HYBE already denied the dating rumors saying that “V and the family of chairman Choi Yoon Jung are only acquaintances, the dating rumors are not true.” However the rumors continued to circulate like wildfire with some media publications reporting on it and if this was not enough, some overly obsessed fans aka Sasaengs started talking rubbish about the 26 year old singer.

These Sasaengs started calling him out for ditching his bandmate Jimin’s birthday and visiting his girlfriend’s family functions. Some called him out for dating a daughter of a rich family and looking lowly upon female idols from the industry.

All these things seems to have disturbed V as he took to his Weaverse account to let out his anger and frustration. Without pin pointing anyone he wrote in a post “Pathetic, I’d like to sing UGH.” UGH is a song by BTS that talks about anger and frustration.

In an another post V wrote, “In tonight’s dream I’ll shoot poisoned needle on their back necks. Please watch out for your neck. Puk Puk.”

Although V didn’t point out anyone in his post ARMYs were quick to connect the dots between the dating rumors and V’s posts. Seeing their favorite idol suffer from anger and frustration his fans sent him lots of love and supported him for taking a stand for himself.

Since BTS debuted in 2013 they have not dated anyone publicly. On the work front, BTS is preparing for their online concert ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ on October 24. In addition to this, the group is also all set to host their first offline concert since Corona Virus took over the world on November 27 and 28 and December 1 and 2.


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