Taapsee Pannu opens up about the unequal pay prevailing in the bollywood Industry,says male actors can dedicate a year to a particular film but not us

In Bollywood Industry Male and female are not treated fairly on the basis of income they acquire. It has been prevailing since a long time in the Bollywood Industry, so it’s not a new thing. Taapsee Pannu says male actors get paid more as compared to female actors and enjoy an luxurious life, Due to which it’s not sensible to dedicate their entire year to just one film.She also revealed about the trolling which b-town celebs face every now and then in an exclusive Interview with India Today.

Bollywood have always been portraying male actresses in the front role rather than giving priority to female actresses. Recently in few of the movies they have been featuring female actresses in the lead roles.The body physique is portrayed in films compromising male actors whiz Aamir Khan’s Ghajini or Dangal, or Farhan Akhtar’s Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.They put their whole time preparing for getting proper physique and for the shootings of the same.But what do female actors get at the end of the day? Mard ki body. Taapsee too faced a lot of criticism on contrary basis before the trailer release of Rashmi Rocket.

On the dedication towards her upcoming film she said “I wish I had time that I could solely dedicate to Rashmi Rocket, like many actors do when they are doing such a film. But it is a little impossible and impractical for female actors because we don’t get paid as much and we don’t have that kind of a career span to actually dedicate an entire year to one film,” Taapsee starts off as we connect with her over a video call. In an ideal world, Taapsee would have loved to do that.

She further continued saying, “Rashmi Rocket deserved it. Male actors in the industry have that kind of longevity and they get paid that much, so they do dedicate a whole year to prepping for one film. I didn’t have that luxury, so I ensured that I was putting every minute of my life to good use.”

In Rashmi Rocket, Taapsee performs the role of an athlete, and the training she went through to achieve that was next-level. This was while she was filming Haseen Dillruba, released earlier in the year on Netflix.

Talking about the routine she said”I started training for Rashmi Rocket in January 2020, when I was shooting for Haseen Dillruba. I trained till mid-March, waking up every day at 5 am in Uttarakhand, in the crazy cold, and report on track or in the gym on alternate days. This was six days a week. This would go on till about 8 am, and after that I had just an hour to shower, get ready and report on the sets of Haseen Dillruba at 9 am. I could spend only 15 minutes in the bathroom (laugh)! We had a 12-hour shift and I would come back to my room at 9 pm and had just 1 hour to myself before I went to bed at 10 pm so that I could resume this the next day,”

Further Taapsee continued saying about the Covid situation how it left a devastating impact.”I was ready to shoot for Rashmi Rocket, but then Covid-19 hit and lockdown happened, and I was stranded in my house for five months, without provisions to maintain the kind of body. So in those five months, that physique went away and then I had to start from scratch.”

On using steroids she revealed she didn’t use it and said “I was clear from Day 1 that I am not going to take any steroids to get that body, even though it would have given me faster results. A lot of people in the industry do that. But I didn’t want to do that because I have a life beyond films, and I didn’t want to tamper with my body. So because of that clean, natural way of building muscles, my muscle memory became very good and when we resumed work post lockdown, I could get back to where I had left it quicker. We started shooting for Rashmi Rocket in November 2020 and I recorded the races in December.”

Talking about the gender stereotypes her film opens up about the critical mentality of the netizens related to woman in Sports field,”Being referred to as a boy or man on sets, when we were filming those scenes, gave me a deja vu. It reminded me of my growing up years when I was referred to as a tomboy. Even at the time, it was weird for me, and it was just because I would play outdoor sports with boys, while girls my age would play indoor sports. I put all my angst in the court sequences where I didn’t have a word to say, but I had to emote only with my eyes,”

Taapsee added further saying,”In any institution, bullying is considered a sort of an icebreaker. It is considered being ‘friendly’. In some cases, they do it because it happened to them and now they think it is normal. As part of mental health awareness, we should also understand that if physically hitting someone is wrong, provoking them is also wrong.”

She says the bullying is faced by common man too, as Celebrities we come up and talk about it but they suffer it in silence she said “As an actor, I have not been bullied on set or at work. Whatever bullying or name-calling I have faced has happened on social media and that’s there for everyone to see,” Rashmi Rocket starrer of Taapsee Pannu is worth to watch for and it is inspirational for the young youths.


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