5 Things To Avoid On An Empty Stomach; These Mistakes Are Often Responsible For The Deteriorating Health!

Women are always ready to take care of their family. They strictly observe the meals and breakfast times of their children, husbands, and elders. However, in all these haste, he was neglecting his own health. When you feed others, you also want to eat, this is what many forget in the hustle and bustle of work and stay hungry for a long time in the morning. But if you make a mistake while starving, it can have an adverse effect on your health. Therefore, doing certain things on an empty stomach in the morning should be avoided.

Do not do these things at all on an empty stomach.

1. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach:

Many people have a habit of getting up in the morning to have tea or milk. But some people prefer coffee instead of tea or milk. But according to Ayurveda, drinking coffee on an empty stomach in the morning is dangerous. Some of the ingredients in coffee cause acidity and indigestion. So if you have a habit of drinking coffee in the morning, leave it. If you want to have coffee, eat two or four biscuits first and then drink coffee.

2. Do not eat yogurt:

Do not accidentally eat yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning. This can lead to too much acidity. So avoid eating yogurt unless you have something in your stomach. Eating yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning can cause colds in people with cough.

3. Tomatoes:

Avoid eating salad on an empty stomach in the morning to eat salad. Tomatoes are high in vitamin C. This increases the acidity in the body and causes indigestion. Therefore, people with gallstones should not accidentally eat tomatoes on an empty stomach.

4. Cucumber:

Cucumber is a cold food. Therefore, eating cucumber on an empty stomach in the morning can cause cough, cold and cough in many people.

5. Note this too:

When you haven’t eaten anything, you get very irritated. Hunger doesn’t tell you anything. At such times, if you get irritated or get very angry at someone, it can cause the blood-sugar level to drop by a very large margin or increase suddenly. This is dangerous for health. So avoid getting irritated by hunger.


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