Vipul Amrutlal Shah: A film like ‘Sanak’ needs a villain like Chandan Roy Sanyal to match up to the skills of Vidyut Jammwal!

The trailer for Vidyut Jammwal starrer Sanak: Hope Under Siege, launched a few days back, and the audience seems to be absolutely loving the avatar of the action hero. Vidyut Jammwal as the hero of the film has left all his fans impressed with his extraordinary action skills. However, as much as people have appreciated Vidyut in the film, the audience have also loved the performance of Chandan Roy Sanyal as the villain in the movie.

According to the latest reports, Producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah has opened up on how the makers ended up casting Chandan to play the villain in a big project like Sanak. Vipul has revealed that, the makers wanted to cast someone to play the villain who is as good as Vidyut who plays the hero in the film, they were of the opinion that the villain is just as important as the hero in the film.

Chandan Roy Sanyal with his tremendous performance has taken everyone by surprise. The list also includes producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah, who is in awe of the way Chandan has performed in the film. Vipul shared his feelings saying that, Chandan is an amazing actor, a film like Sanak needed a villain who would match the skills of Vidyut Jammwal.

Vidyut Jammwal’s super action avatar in the trailer of his highly-anticipated hostage drama, ‘Sanak – Hope Under Siege’ has been appreciated by the audience and especially his fans. But when it came to choosing the villain opposite him, makers wanted to find someone who could match up to his level.

Since the villain in the film is as important as the hero, it was a task for the makers to find someone to match Vidyut. But Chandan Roy Sanyal has taken everyone by surprise, including producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah, who is highly impressed with the actor’s impeccable performance and he believes that Chandan’s performance will be dreaded by audiences.

Vipul Shah informs, “Chandan is a fabulous actor, which we all know. A film like ‘Sanak’ needs a villain who is up to the skills of Vidyut (Jammwal). So we needed somebody to really perform out of the skin, make that character so menacing that while viewing the film, you should feel like entering the screen and hit him or kill him. That is the kind of rage the character should be able to create and Chandan has done amazingly well.”

“Every time you see Chandan on screen, you would really become so angry that you want to do something bad to him. But he is such a sweet person otherwise. I think it’s a fascinating transformation into a bad man that Chandan has achieved and his fights and confrontation with Vidyut are amazing and mouthwatering to see,” Vipul Shah adds.

Introducing a first-of-its-kind hostage drama in Hindi cinema, Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Disney+ Hotstar and Zee Studios’ ‘Sanak – Hope Under Siege’ hopes to change the game in the action-entertainment space as this intriguing story unfolds in a hospital under siege.

Starring Vidyut Jammwal, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Neha Dhupia and Rukmini Maitra (who is making her Bollywood debut), ‘Sanak – Hope Under Siege’ is presented by Zee Studios in association with Sunshine Pictures Pvt Ltd and will be streaming from 15th October only on Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex. It is a Vipul Amrutlal Shah production, directed by Kanishk Varma.


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