Here’s how BTS’s Jimin was wished by his members on his 26th Birthday

South Korean Band BTS’s member Park Jimin turned 26 on October 13, 2021 and fans can’t help but shower him with love and wishes. And as the other members wish each member on their birthday in their own unique style with exclusive photos and videos, this time isn’t any different.

Take a look at how each member wished Park Jimin on his birthday.

As per the septet’s traditions, Jin being the oldest member made sure to be the first member to wish Jimin on his birthday. Instead of buying the birthday boy a card, he wrote a birthday message on a ripped piece of cardboard.

J-Hope was next to wish Jimin on Twitter. He did not just wish him once but five times. In his first tweet he wrote, “Cutie🥰 #HopeFilm #JIMINDAY #hbdJimin,” and posted a video of jimin dancing along to “chanel (ft. swae lee & pharrell) from jxmtro” during tear era!

His second tweet was captioned, “Sexy 😅 #HopeFilm #JiminSshisDayOfBirth #HappyBirthdayJimin.” With a video of jimin dancing at the love yourself: tear version R jacket photoshoot! in the video, J-Hope says “ooh hey!” and we can hear RM in the background follows with “ohhh~ jimin~”

In his third tweet J-Hope wrote, “Lovely🤭 #HopeFilm #Our_Jiminies_Existence_Alone_Is_Exactly_What_Love_Is #What_Would_ARMYs_Do_Without_Jimin.”
The video consists of Jimin boxing with jungkook holding the boxing gloves!
Jimin is seen boxing while saying, “Jung.. Hoseok (J-Hope’s Real name)..!!!” While
J-Hope says”I filmed it all, I filmed it all”

In his last but not the least tweet he wrote, “hhappyy birthday to our jjiminie 🥰😍🤩🤨#HopeFilm #Celebrating_Jimin_Day_Means_Our_Happiness_Is_Piling_Up_Ever_So_Gently_SobokSobok (t/n: the lyric from ‘christmas love!’) #What_Would_ARMYs_Do_Without_Jiminie.”
J-Hope posted a series of photographs showing the “cutie, sexy and lovely” sides of Jimin along with his funny goofy sides.

And here is one more wish from Hobi on Weverse.

The next member to wish Jimin was Suga and his sweet, short but funny tweet had fans laughing. Suga wrote, “The greedy boy Jimin-ah who got three mics at the same time, happy birthday ~~#JiminBdayCongrats #ItsSugaHyung #YouAreNowLateInTwentiesToo @BTS_twt.” Referring to the incident from the latest RUN BTS.

The next was Leader RM who posted two photos, one of Him and Jimin and the other one of just Jimin. But the caption was what caught everybody’s attention and had everyone say ‘aw’. RM wrote, “Baby G Saengil Chooka #JiminHappyBirthday.” Saengil Chooka is Happy Birthday in Korean.

The Golden Maknae Jungkook has already wished Jimin. Jimin went live to celebrate his birthday with ARMY’s when Jungkook joined him and celebrated with him. V, his bestfriend is yet to wish him on social media.


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