From suffering Body Dismorphia to calling himself Cutie Sexy Lovely, Jimin has learned and taught Self Love to millions. Happy Birthday Jimin!

If in any special case you don’t know who Jimin is, he is the star vocalist and dancer of the current biggest boy band of the world, BTS. As Jimin celebrates his 26th birthday today we are taking a look back at his journey from dealing with body image issues to asking his fans to ‘be their own light’ through his solo song ‘Promise’.

Jimin once said to his fans ” If you are not okay, remember, there is a person here in Korea, in the city of Seoul who understands you,” but the person who is now ready to become other people’s comfort once had to deal with self doubt and lack of self confidence.

Jimin suffered from body image issues in his earlier days. He now refers himself as cutie, sexy, and lovely guy but the journey of self love wasn’t that easy for him. He constantly starved himself till the point he fainted multiple times during the rehearsals. because he thought he was chubby. He once revealed that he was envious of Jin, who is the main visual of his band. He also is very conscious about his height. The members often tease him because he is the shortest member of the group.

But now he is a strong and confident guy who believes in himself and finds himself worthy of all the love that ARMYs pour on their favorite Jiminshi. “We were telling fans to ‘Love Yourself’, but I realised I wasn’t doing that myself, I criticised myself, wondering if I was doing good, and what I’m working so hard for.” He added, “There were times when I drank by myself in my room and had many thoughts I realised that I had been mean to myself rather than growing up…”

In a recent episode uploaded on BTS’ YouTube channel, Jimin can be seen asking for retakes during a shoot because he felt he is not good enough and can do better for his fans. This broke ARMYs heart. We hope Jimin realizes that he is one of a kind and the most beautiful angel to ever exist. We would like to thank him for his constant comfort and support to ARMYs. You are enough Jimin! We love you and we purple you. Forever! Happy Birthday! 💜💜💜


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