Durga Puja Festival 2021: 5 Countries Where Durga Puja Is Celebrates Like India, Have A Look On it!

Durga puja is celebrate with a very joyful in India, and commonly known as Navratri. As the Durga devi festival is celebration of nine nights. With the sweet dishes people welcomed the durga devi to their homes or some committee members brings. This is festival get complete with dandiya Or garba, which is played by everyone, from Children to adults.

But this festival is not only celebrated in India, but also in the other countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and many others. These countries celebrates the festival with same enthusiasm and marks the time when the festive mood and surreal atmosphere that surrounds the festival attract people of all regions to be a part of the celebrations.

Here are the list of the other countries where the Durga puja festival celebrated like India.

1. Nepal:

Nepal also celebrates the Durga Festival in their own way. In Nepal it is also known as Dashain, and celebrates as 10 days festival. The country celebrates on the same dates as India and follows most of the patterns of celebration. Dashin not only witnesses religious observance, but also when the people take a break from their work and used to spend time with their families. Also all public institutions, schools and colleges remain closed, and buses don’t ply.

2. Bangladesh:

The country, being home to the second-largest group of Hindu Bengalis, celebrates Durga Puja in the most flourishing manner. The festival is celebrated in almost every city and district. Temples are decorated with idols of the goddess, where devotees go to pray and seek blessings for peace and prosperity.

3. The United Kingdom:

In United kingdom the Durga puja festival is celebrated by the residing Indian community with great fervour. Serval organizer import the idols of goddess Durga Devi, and celebrates this festival in authentic Bengali Manner. The other reason of conducting such festival in the country to engage the people together, spread love and unity during this time.

4. The United States of America:

Durga Puja festival is celebrated in US has there are more number of Indian residence, and especially Bengalis. The festival is celebrated for 5 days with much enthusiasm and fervour among the Devotees. This celebration is started here from 1970 and now being celebrated in all 50 states of the country. Several associations across the country organize this 5-day festival with full dedication, where people gather, meet, greet and spend time together to celebrate.

5. Australia:

Durga Puja was initially started in 1974 by 12 families in New South Wales; it is now celebrated in all the major cities of Australia!

In Sydney, tons of Bengali immigrants, and other members of the Indian diaspora, gather on the first day of the puja, and set the ball rolling for further celebrations. In Melbourne, this festival is celebrated in the southern suburb of Keysborough, where the puja is a community affair, and everyone takes part in the process.


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