Sagarika Ghatge launches her maiden fashion label Akutee

Sagarika Ghatge just revealed her own brand which screams royalty.

Sagarika Ghatge’s public appearances have always caught the fancy of the audience because of her classic sense of style and minimalistic dressing. Her regal looks have often got fashion connoisseurs talking. Looks like the actress is ready to spill the beans on what makes her fashionable. Launching her maiden label – Akutee – as an entrepreneur, Ghatge kicks off the venture with a selected collection of exquisite sarees and salwar kurtas. The pieces in the collection are a reflection of a bygone era that’s trapped in time. The theme of the collection is classic elegance and is inspired by the women in her family.

Talking about the brand she said, “My first collection is very special to me as it has been curated and created by my mother, who has been my source of inspiration for Akutee. Some pieces are hand-painted by her making them a unique piece of art. She has designed most of the motifs for the block printed fabrics, therefore, putting her stamp of artistic elegance on each and every outfit.” The project sees her collaborate with her mother Urmila Ghatge, to whom she dedicates the label. She adds, “A girl’s role model is often the women in her family, those she grows up watching. I have unknowingly imbibed a lot of customs, traditions and familiarised myself with our folklores when I was growing up. It was always a delightful sight to witness elders in the family dressed beautifully for ceremonies. Clad in heirloom tissues or brocades, coupled with diamonds and pearls defined a surreal vision of elegance. Influenced by such timeless poise, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be exactly like them.”

Sagarika Ghatge launches her maiden fashion label Akutee

In her effort to take forward the artistic lineage of our weaves, Ghatge believes that the label will keep its eye on backing fresh talent. She explains, “Taking the legacy forward, I would love to encourage new artists and painters to a world of creativity, whose talent will speak through all Akutee’s clothes. This will be a source of inspiration for my future designs. I hope this collection will be treasured by all that will adorn Akutee pieces, whether it’s daily or festive wear, where they reflect the true beauty and feel they are part of this elegance.”


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