Farming isn't just a job, It's a way of life; Happy American Farmers Day!

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Farming isn't just a job, It's a way of life; Happy American Farmers Day!


National Farmer’s Day on October 12th offers much-deserved praise to the hard-working farmers across the nation. In the midst of harvest-season, the day pays tribute to the men, women, and families who put food in the grocery stores and on our tables every day. 

National Farmer’s Day was previously known as Old Farmer’s Day.


From very early in American culture, farmers set an example with their endless hard work. Not only do they provide a nation with the food we eat, but they also contribute to our economy in numerous ways. Before seeds even find their way into the ground, farmers supply a stream of jobs. From manufacturing, marketing, and tourism, farmers keep small and large communities going strong. Additional products and areas that rely on agriculture include:

  • leather
  • apparel
  • restaurants
  • beverages
  • textiles
  • trucking
  • railroad
  • forestry
  • pharmaceuticals
  • transportation

Some cities and towns across the United States celebrate their versions of Farmer’s Day. Dates are scattered throughout the year with celebrations and festivals. Many of them are held in September and October.


October does seem fitting for celebrating this National Day as it is near the end of the harvest. Many farmers will be able to take a rest from their hard labor to join in the celebration of this holiday.



Records of National Farmer’s Day events exist dating back to the 1800s. However, we have not determined the exact origins of the day.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalFarmersDay


While thanking a farmer is one way to celebrate the day, consider these opportunities to learn more about farming.

  • Learn more about the farm to table process.
  • Discover more about all the foods you consume.
  • Attend small-town festivals. These often showcase the food and culture of farm life. By supporting the festivals, you’re also supporting the farmer and their communities. 
  • Support local farmers. How?
    • Buy fruits and vegetables from a farmer’s market.
    • Another way to support local farmers is by investing in cooperative farming.
    • Visit pick your own farms. These farms not only offer fresh fruits and vegetables but hands-on experience harvesting. While you’re not using equipment, you will get to enjoy an afternoon with friends and family. It’s also an educational experience, too.
    • Other fun and educational farm experiences are found at pumpkin patches. These farm settings offer a wide variety of activities full of autumn produce often grown locally. When you show your support for your farmers, you also support your community.
  • Visit your local small-town historical societies. Not only do they record the history of the town, but with it the history of the farmers who helped to build the foundations of small-town America.

Do you want to know more? Look at these 5 Ways Agriculture Impacts Our Lives.  Use #NationalFarmersDay to post on social media.


“To make agriculture sustainable, the grower has got to be able to make a profit.”

» Sam Farr

“You know, farming looks mighty easy when your plough is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the cornfield.”

» Dwight D. Eisenhower

Being a farmer is a great qualification to have to serve in the United States Congress.

-Bruce Braley

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