Beauty Tips: Are you aware of these the uses of lip balm? That You can also use in your night skin routine!

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Beauty Tips: Are you aware of these the uses of lip balm? That You can also use in your night  skin routine!

Nowadays, it is rare to find a young woman who does not use lip balm. Once upon a time you didn’t apply lipstick every day. But the lip balm is still there. Lip balm is so addictive that even if one day the lip balm is not applied, the lips start to feel dry, as if pulled. Therefore, lip balm is used daily not only in cold weather but also in summer and rainy season. But lip balm is not the only way to moisturize the lips. There are many benefits to using lip balm that you may not have considered.


Use lip balm for eye makeup:

  • If you don't have eyebrow pencil and mascara, you can use lip balm instead.
  • Lip balm is very useful for setting eyebrows.
  • In addition, applying lip balm to the eyebrows makes them look darker and glossier.
  • In addition, if you do not have mascara, you can set your eyelids with lip balm.
  • For this, apply a thin layer of lip balm on your finger.
  • Hold this finger between the lower and upper eyelids of your eyes and blink two or three times.
  • When doing this, make sure that the lip balm on the finger is applied to the eyelids but does not get into the eyes.
  • This gives your eyelids a glossy look.

Lip balm can work as a highlighter:

  • Lip balm can be easily used as a highlighter.
  • Apply lip balm on your cheekbones and chin like a high lighter.
  • This will make the facial points, the jaw line, stand out.
  • Highlighter powder can also be applied on it.

The corners of the hands and feet will shine:

  • Many have blackened elbows and ankles.
  • If you regularly apply lip balm on these blackened corners after daily bathing and gently massage for a few seconds, the blackness on this area will be reduced within a month.

To set baby hairs:

Wherever your hair line is, there are many short hairs. This hair is called baby hair. When we do hairstyles, these baby hairstyles look like they are small in size. Lip balm can be used very appropriately to set these hairs. Apply lip balm to the hair and set the hair as desired. Your hair will not move for 3 to 4 hours.

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