Sunny Leone plays a prank with her Husband Daniel,Sarcastically Keeps saying “He’s very strong.”

Sunny Leone is a Canadian popular actress she has worked in the American films too. She always involves herself in the Instagram activities. She has numerous fan followings on the social media platforms. Recently she pranked her husband Daniel Weber. Wherein she pretends to see how powerful he is by testing his strength.

She gave him some objects to hold. The video depicts what actually happened in the activity. Daniel was holding a string which was attached to fill the water bottles, She subsequently added one after the other objects which were bulky and huge which included utensils and books.

She also added a basket filled with the flour. As the video ended, she pretended to put something more onto it. But rather than that she cut the rope with scissors. The bottles attached to it fell down, and Daniels face was full of flour which was in the basket.

Sunny Leone didn’t stop laughing after looking at the incident that happened and Sarcastically kept saying “He is very strong.” Fans poured heart and laughing emojis in the comment section of the video, Sunny captioned her video, “He just got punked!”

This is not the first time she has pranked her husband she has done it before too. Recalling the before one she in one of the Instagram lives she pretended to have hurt her finger through knife which left Daniel worried.

Asking Daniel how did he felt about the prank Did he enjoy or not? He said“Generally, I am a pretty serious person in life. That is just my personality. I actually don’t even like pranks that much. I don’t even like pranks on other people and I definitely don’t like pranks on me. So, if you want me to rate your prank, I think it’s a zero because I hated that it was done on me.”

In the April this year they completed 10 years of marriage. Sunny had shared a beautiful photo of both of them, calling her husband “rock and hero”. Sharing it she captioned it saying “Happy 10th Anniversary to the man I love! I pray we walk through this life together until our dying days. You are my rock and my hero! Love you baby!!”

After that she shared a Video in which she was seen wearing the diamond necklace which Daniel gave him as a gift. On the workfront she was seen as a host of MTV Splitsvilla 13.


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