Squid Game, BTS, Korean Cuisine And How Everything K Is Sweeping The World Off Of It’s Feet?

If you still haven’t watched Squid Game, listened to BTS, haven’t tried the ten step skin care routine or tried Korean food we don’t know what rick you are living unde but we certainly do know that this is the right time to come out of it. Korean wave has long been in existence but not quite like it is today. The popularity of Korean culture among the masses is surging everyday and we have the Korean showbiz industry to thank for.

Google search for biggest boy band in the world will tell you about BTS and their world wide popularity that is second to none. BTS has collected 6 No.1 debuts on Billboard Hot 100 chart within the last 13 months. Their summer pop song butter dominated the Billboard Hot 100 chart throughout the summer by staying at the top of Billboards Hot 100 for nine consecutive weeks. Their concert tickets sell out in minutes and this has made their fans compare buying BTS concert tickets to be playing in mini Squid Game.

And ohh! while we are at Squid Game we should rightly discuss about the new Netflix show that has shook the world. A show that is not very novel in terms of plot and is unnecessarily violently has fans hooked for more. How violent can children’s game be? We’ll check out ‘Squid Game’ yourself to find it out. According to Netflix, Squid Game could be it’s biggest show ever.

However, Korean wave also popularly known as ‘Hallyu’ is not something that the world had to encounter without a proper notice. Korean shows also known as K-dramas are widely popular among the masses. Crashlanding on You, Vincenzo, Hometown Cha Cha Cha are some of the recent examples of K-dramas that garnered huge attention of audiences across the globe. And it’s a popular joke among the fans that watching K-dramas will make you hungry for sure. Koreans have perfectly portrayed their culture through K-dramas when it comes to language and food.

The popularity of Korean language and food is so prominent that Oxford English Dictionary has recently inducted as many as 26 Korean words including Oppa, Noona, Unni, Hallyu, Gimbap, Bulgogi, Japche and many more to it’s diction.

When Parasite Won at Oscars 2019, it’s director Bong Joon-ho said “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films,” seems like he could see ahead of his time and sense the kind of impact Korea will have on the world.

The world need to learn from South Korea about making clean content with impactful messages and unfurl their culture to the world at the same time.


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