BTS In The SOOP Season 2 New Photos of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook will make ARMY wish for October 15 to arrive soon!

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In the SOOP TV and Weverse simultaneously released preview stills of BTS’ upcoming season 2 of their own variety show. For both BTS and ARMYs, the show is a comforting space, as they get energized by watching the members in their most relaxed state, miles away from stage performances and interviews.

In the photos RM can be seen ‘Namjooning’ as he’s riding a bicycle in the back side of a trailer of some sort, wearing red t-shirt and White shorts and paired it with a pair of sunglasses, he looks comfy in his casual clothes.

Jin is on a red Quad-Bike looking handsome as ever with his oversized white t-shirt and black shorts and some slippers.

Suga can be seen holding two basketballs in his hands while he’s walking somewhere, his platinum blond hair shining under the sunlight, he looks completely relaxed as he sports a white printed t-shirt and black trackpants.

J-Hope is wearing a swimswear top and orange shorts as he stands in a pool sideways, rubbing his eyes as water drips from his blonde hair and face. He looks like he’s enjoying a nice swim.

The Maknae line look like they are reliving their childhood as pure happiness can be seen on their face.

Jimin is also driving a Quad-Bike with a small smile on his face, he’s wearing a black half sleeved t-shirt and black shorts. He looks like he’s enjoying his time there.

V is back with the pipe with a spray gun at the end, he holds the pipe in front of him and looks to be spraying it on himself and in front of him. He looks like a child who’s having a fun time by himself as his fluffy brown hair get wet. He’s wearing a black tshirt and white trousers. He’s standing behind the chairs used for sunbathing.

The Golden Maknae, Jungkook can be seen running while drenched in water as he’s smiling looking to the side, he’s sporting white full sleeved tshirt and black trackpants and white shoes.

Seeing BTS members as their casual selves, ARMYs can’t stop wondering what’s in store for them and are constantly looking back at In the SOOP season 1.Whether it’s the members in rarely seen outfits, driving and having a karaoke session, cooking and playing together, or having deep conversations with each other, In the SOOP 2 brings back many memories of BTS having fun.

In the SOOP 2 will follow the same schedule as that of season 1. The episodes will be first broadcast an hour before on the JTBC channel at 9:00 PM KST and then posted on the Weverse platform at 10:00 PM KST. International fans can watch it legally on the streaming platform at a cost.


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