BTS’ ‘Love Myself’ Campaign With UNICEF Raised Millions Of Dollars and Tweets, says UNICEF In It’s Report.

BTS, the sensational K-pop boy band who have taken over the world with their growing popularity in recent years are not a new name when it comes to promoting the message of self love, mental health, anti-bullying, and anti-violence.

The seven member group is known for making music that heals the soul. Their songs carry a message of self love and loving others. BTS members have also been vocal about their personal struggles with depression, anxiety, and low self esteem and that’s what reflects in their songs. Rather than running away from the these issues the members have learned embrace their shortcoming and turn it into their strengths through their hard work. There is no doubt when they speak on such issues it creates a large impact on the minds of people and a large audience relate to them.

BTS rose to international fame around 2017 and that’s when they joined hands with UNICEF with ‘Love Myself’ campaign to spread awareness about ending bullying, violence, racism and spreading love. Since then they have been vocal about the campaing and helped raise $3.6 million through social media hashtags, speeches at UN, ‘Love Myself’ merchandise and the Love Yourself world tour in 2019-2019. All this money will help aid self love and end violence through UNICEF.

BTS and UNICEF are celebrating four years of their successful partnership this week. In a report called ‘The State Of World’s Children 2021,’ UNICEF informed that The Love Myself camping has achieved ground breaking success as the message of love reached every corner of the world. The ‘Love Myself’ campiagn generated around 5 million tweets and 50 million likes, retweets and comments in last four years.

Talking about the Love Myself campaign BTS said, “We started LOVE MYSELF as a way to reach young people and help improve their lives and rights, but during the process, we also strove to “LOVE MYSELF” ourselves, and we as a team and as individuals grew as well. We hope that many people felt how the love received from others can become the power that allows them to love themselves.”

Praising the contribution and efforts of BTS UNICEF’s Executive Director Henrietta Fore said, “The groundbreaking way in which BTS has helped spark a positive message with its ARMY is simply unmatched and incredibly invaluable. We are thankful for all the work the band has done to lead this important initiative, and for all of their support for UNICEF in the last four years.”

BTS recently addressed world leaders as South Korea’s special envoy at the UN about SDG. The group also performed their latest single ‘Permission To Dance’ which has garnered more than 27 million views on Unites Nations’ YouTube channel.


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