Happy Birthday Xiao Zhan: Here Are 5 Beautiful Songs Sung by Xiao Zhan That Will Melt Your Heart For Sure

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Xiao Zhan also known as Sean Xiao is a Chinese actor and singer. He made his debut in the entertainment industry as a mamber of Chinese boy band called X-Nine and since then he has continued to win hearts across the globe through his melodious voice and unbeatable charms. Shortly after debuting as an idol he made his acting debut and gained widespread recognition for his acting skills ad well. Xiao Zhan has starred in some of the most iconic C-Dramas like The Untamed, Oath of Love, Battle Through The Heavens, Oh! My Emperor and many more.

If you are a C-Drama fan we are sure Xiao Zhan is one of the most handsome faces you must’ve encountered on screen. Do let us know which of his dramas you have watched but before that make sure to check out these songs sung by the talented singer

1) Running To You With All I Have:

Running To You With All I Have is a 2017 song by Bibi Zhao. Xiao Zhao covered the song just a couple of months ago and totally nailed it. The song is a perfect dose of healing in a world that speaks about separation and growing apart. This song can be a perfect dedication to someone you love or your friends as an assurance that you will stay by them forever. The song is beautiful in itself but Xiao Zhao’s version of the song speaks a different language of comfort.

2) Remaining Years:

Remaining Years is the OST of C-Drama ‘Joy Of Life’ starring Xiao Zhan. The song sung by Xiao Zhan tells the story of Love and Yearning between two lovers. The song perfectly describes the constant feeling of yearning between two lovers where time feels insignificant. Love is when weathers change, the years change but the feeling of love is just entact and this song in perfect melodious voice of Ciao Zhang conveys the feeling beautifully.

3) May I Have Your Heart:

Sung by Xiao Zhan along with other members of X-Nine, the song narrates the feelings of people of are going through a breakup phase. A phase where you try and hold on the feeling of love that is fading away slowly between you and your significant other. If you are going through a breakup phase you won’t regret checking out this song.

4) Stepping On Your Shadow:

Another beautiful OST of a beautiful show starring Xiao Zhan himself. Stepping On Your Shadow is an OST from C-Drama Oh! Me Emperor. The song tells the story of a one sided love that is pure and unconditional. Expecting nothing in return is one of the most essential qualities of love and this song perfectly potrays that feeling. Oh! My Emperor is a double bonus as you get to experience both actor Xiao Zhan and singer Xiao Zhan.

5) The Oath Of Love:

Ever experienced the world stop when you look in the eyes of your favorite person? This song narrates the exact same feeling. The world freezing, eyes meeting and the warm feeling when you hold hands with the love of your life. The song is an OST of the show Oath Of Love and is sung by both the lead actor of the drama Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan.

We wish Xiao Zhan a very happy 30th birthday 🥂🥂🥂


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