Exclusive Press Conference: From Introduction Of The Characters To The Challenges They Faced, Here Is All About Netflix Drama “My Name”

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Earlier today my name cast Han So Hee, Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo Hyun, Kim Sang-ho, Lee Hak Ju, Jang Yull, and the Director Kim Jin-min held a press conference for their upcoming Thriller- Revenge drama “My Name.” They all introduced their characters and also reveals the challenges they faced while shooting for drama.

Today’s press conference was hosted by Park Kyun-rim where she asked various questions to all the cast. All the starts started by introducing themselves and later a trailer was played.

The trailer is so intense about all the characters and specifically focused on the strong character played by Han-so hee. It showcased all the acting skills played by the main characters as well as supporting characters. even after the trailer ended the host was immensely deep in the trailer. she didn’t even know when it ended.

Then director Kim tells that “My Name” is an action series that tells the story of the character Yoon Ji-woo who is seeking revenge for her father’s death. Hang soo hee meets all the different characters while she walks on this revenge path and it’s also her journey of finding herself. She admires Ji- woo strength.

Then the host asked when she read the script what she thought of it while replying So-hee said, what director Kim said we saw the mission of my character is revenge and was very desperate and the determination was something that she could really feel while reading the script. She said her character goes a lot into it from characters appearance to the physical body that can be shown by her action that was challenging for her.

Park Hee-soon said when he read the script he felt the heat and the passion in the story. He felt like there was very heard blood that was under knit. It was a story, unlike anything he saw before. While talking about the director Hee-soon said that he was immediately drawn to it because of him.

Ahn Bo-hyun said that he is a huge fan of the director because of his previous Netflix series Extra-curricular and wanted to work with him. When he read the My Name script he was amazed and read it in one sitting and wanted to the part of the action series and was excited to join the team.

Han So-hee also talks about the two characters she played Ji-woo and Oh Hye-jin who is an undercover cop. While telling about the difference of both the character Soo-he says Ji-hoo’s approach to revenge is more one-dimensional who runs being it without thinking about anything but Hye-jin is stichic and approaches it more in detail. Hye-jin is less emotional than Ji-woo and more reasonable.

While talking about the character Woo-jin, Park Hee-soon says that he is the ring leader of the nation’s largest drug cartel and the CEO of the hotel. When he meets his friend daughter Ji-woo who wants his father’s death he accepts her as a member of the cartel and helps her throughout her journey. He is the boss with chilling charisma where he doesn’t give anyone a second chance.

Bo Hyun also gave a short introduction about his character by telling that Pil-to is a very deterrent, capable, and ace detective of the drug investigation unit. He has a very strong set of values and focuses on wiping out all the drug scenes.

Kim Sang-ho also talks about Pil-to saying he is little rough on the edges but warm-hearted. He looks at things from a long point of view. Bo Hyun added the point to his character saying that as Pil-to is ace at everything he has to be good at everything and especially the action sequences. He also revealed that he gained weight for this role.

Kim Sang-ho talked about his character Cha Ki-hoo who is the leader of the Drug Investigation unit and catches the drug cartels. He is a mastermind being the strategies in making a plan of catching drug cartels.

Lee Hak-ju is playing the character of Woo Tae-joo who is the right-hand man of Woo-jin who is loyal to him and makes every effort possible to deliver what he has to. He is a silent right than a man who always stands beside his boss. Lee Hak-ju also talks about the challenges he faces while playing this role. He said, “can I be this quiet and silent this whole time that was the question that I had.” He further said that “while being quiet there must be a lot of dynamic emotions going under me and how can I express this was the biggest challenge.”

Jang-yull’s character Kang-jae is a member of the Dongjin cartel and the youngest in the crew who wants to be acknowledged by the members. He has the strong aspiration to be the best and the desire to be at the top of the cartel who never hides his aspirations and wants to be like his big brother. Jang-yull actually gained weight for the same.

In the press conference, they also played the behind-the-scenes clip where the stars actually talked about themselves and the choreography with other stars.

As it’s the first time So-hee is playing the action series she expressed what pressure she felt the most. She said At first she thought that she could actually pull it off easily. So she went to action school and attended one day class then she released that if she tries to fake it she will end up not succeeding in it. It requires a lot of time she felt at first as it’s not only her doing it alone, she also needs to make choreography with her partner in every single scene and she needs to keep in mind that she needs to be careful all the time that no one gets hurt while doing the scene and it was challenging.

Hee-soon talked about how long they practice in action school. He revealed that members need to get involve in physical training two months prior but so-hee started training a month earlier than the rest others. She actually practiced for three months.

All the stars complimented S-he for the hard work she had taken for the drama. They were all really impressed by her.

Director complimented Marcel’s art team for helping in the action scenes.

The Q&A question was also send by many media outlets like Digital Chosan, Today’s Newspaper, SportTV, The Korea Herald.

1st question was asked to director Kim, “What is the biggest charm about My Name, and what makes it stand out? “

Director Kim replied saying that whenever he chooses the script to work on he finds the reason why to pick it. He added saying, “Extracurricular was loved a lot and I have to look through a lot of different scrips to see what kind of next piece I will work, but then action is something I haven’t work for quite long and action is something that I have done earlier part of my career and I wanted to do it again.” He further said, “Writing Script of My Name was very heavy and it was filled a lot of grand subjects matters so that’s why I picked it and the main character looked little different than other scripts. There are a lot of main characters surrounding the main character and these supporting characters are also very unique in their own way. So I thought we would be able to see the great energy and chemistry that is created among this cast members and if we can pull the off you are gone to make a really piece that what I thought while reading the script and I wanted to Jump in action scene one again.”

Director also appreciated So-hee by saying that when he 1st met So-hee she promised him that he will practice hard and he told her if she doesn’t practice action he doesn’t want to work with her on this action series as she is actually fitted for melodrama. But she practiced hard as she wanted to do it and was all in for the role and has put all the efforts she made.

He even said that So-he said yes to work in this action series without any hesitation. sh didn’t even go to the manager but directly answer me that she want to work in it. Directed express his gratitude towards So-hee because she has word hard and put a lot of effort into the drama. Soo-he even got emotional by the overwhelmed words of the director.

Cast later concluded the press conference by saying it was a lot of fun and honor to bring about “My Name.”

Park Hee-soon also revealed that they will be traveling to Busan on 6th October for the screening of the 1st three episodes at the Busan International Film Festival.

My Name': Netflix Unveils Teaser Poster, Announces South Korean Drama's  Release Date

“My Name” is set to Premiere on 15th October.


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