EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Abhishek Banerjee, Akarsh Khurana and Priyanshu Painyuli Shares Inside Stories for Upcoming Film ‘Rashmi Rocket’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Abhishek Banerjee, Akarsh Khurana and Priyanshu Painyuli Shares Inside Stories for Upcoming Film ‘Rashmi Rocket’

We had an amazingly talented trio of upcoming film ‘Rashmi Rocket’ on an exclusive interview with us, here are all the bits Abhishek, Akarsh and Priyanshu gave us:

Taaspsee Pannu starrer ‘Rashmi Rocket’ is coming on OTT platform this October 15 with a bang. The sports drama depicts the story of fight towards justice of female sportsperson who went under gender check test and create bust.

‘Rashmi Rocket’ also includes Priyanshu Painyuli and Abhishek Banerjee in lead roles along with Akarsh Khurana as director of the film. We got chance to have an exclusive interview with all the three people.

‘A Fight Against System,’ Taapsee Pannu Starrer Trailer of RASHMI ROCKET Out Now: Watch Here

Priyanshu, you always wanted to play an army man or wear that uniform, a dream coming to reality, what would you say about that?

See as an actor you obviously want to keep playing different kinds of they roles, rules it’s really excites you, stories which really excites you and this one was really exciting one as you rightly said I have always play an army officer on the screen you know to make my dad proud, to make my family proud they always wanted to see me as an army officer. My mom as well to see me that somewhere I will follow footsteps of my dad she wanted me to be an army officer I became an actor that’s different thing.

Taapsee Pannu, Priyanshu Painyuli share a good laugh in this Rashmi Rocket  film still

But as an actor you always played different roles which gives you a chance to explore yourself, you get to play different kind of parts and with Akarsh, he has made me do crazy things before also but this one was one of the nicest thing which he gave it to me and I said yes straight away because the story was very very interesting.

Coming to Akarsh Sir, we’re having a OTT release when theaters are about to reopen, what would you say about that when you have such a studded cast with good content?

I actually think that producers have taken a sensible decision given the current situation. Off course everyone wants to see their films in a theater but at the end of the day world has completely changed in the last two years. And I know the theaters are opening right now, but I am also aware and producers are also aware that so many films that are complete before us so that they will come before us and back to back they will come so finding a window to release would be very difficult. Our film is ready, it’s an important story and there’s no point waiting in finding a right window, when you know that now on OTT the reach is huge. We would like people and a lot of people to be watching our film from the safety of their home.

We’ve saw your many different projects and different type of content, this time it’s sports drama, how was that experience?

All the work I’ve done has usually been very different from the earlier things, I think it’s important that as a story teller and filmmaker you keep growing and push yourself to do different things. Making a sports film or a film that has sports in it is a challenging task but it means a lot more preparation and we knew this film would require all of that. As a viewer I always find sports film or court room dramas and mature love stories interesting. And I think it is very lucky for me that this film offered me a chance to do all three things, it was challenging but rewarding as well..

As Akarsh mentioned courtroom drama, we’ll come to Abhishek Banerjee, From Hathoda Tyagi-Compounder-Sultan to White Collar Lawyer, if you had to define your journey how would it like be?

Finally from playing uneducated roles I’m trying to play educated characters now. So I’m playing a character which holds a degree and yeah that’s very proud moment for me because you always wanted to play very different kinds of role. It feels so bad when someone says you look like a criminal or chichora, and suddenly when you show serious side then they’d say oh he can play white collar and well-dressed human being also. It’s really great feeling.

Abhishek Banerjee's first look as a lawyer from 'Rashmi Rocket' out

About the character I’m not like that, the way he thinks, the way he fights for a cause, the way he goes out and help out a stranger, that inspires me. And to play a lawyer, to be able to do those court room things where there is drama but also a real passion of that human being.

Akarsh Sir, today we can see the differences making over A lister celebrities and people who are talented, do you think we somewhere need to reevaluate or bring some change in the industry?

I don’t really understand this A lister thing, I’m actually a theater guy and some of my plays in theaters has new comers so I don’t really get this thing like I’ve worked with many A lister people and working currently as well, basically I think this whole classification is wrong. I’m really happy that OTT is making a difference today, I think the mindset is changing in past 2-3 years and it’s good thing. I never cast my crew in these terms A lister or talented, sometimes I don’t even go for talent I look for some good people to work with. Luckily the people I got are talented as well which worked for me eventually.

We are already missing Taapsee here, but you guys have worked with her, how was that experience, Priyanshu?

You have to always be on your feet while working with Taapsee and actually it’s a running film so haha… but yeah, she has got a different level of energy. I’ve always been a fan of her works previously and I came well prepared that I had to give 100% to be a good actor but thankfully I was working with good friends also there was Akarsh and Abhishek and all these guys on set and Taapsee from day 1 became a friend, she’s whole different person on & off the screen. So calmed so relaxed so you can connect with her, we started talking about anything, we did races together, pushups challenge and all that fun thing. All and all it was a fun experience.

What about you Abhishek, how did you manage to match that intensity with Taapsee?

To match that intensity I mean her hard work, her discipline like I’m still learning and I’m learning from many of the A lister celebrities. They are really like hardworking and very committed to their work and sometimes they put in a lot of effort than any of us and I’m still learning and still trying to understand where Taapsee gets her energy to do her physical activities and then using her mental strength on set and again go back to physical endurance to perform scenes.


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