The court Extends the Custody of Aryan Khan till 7th of October, without Proofs and Evidences

On Saturday in Mumbai The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) followed the strike, upwards of eight individuals captured, including whiz Shahrukh Khan’s child Aryan Khan and his companion Arbaaz Merchant.

The NCB recorded the statement of each and every person present there the eight people were alleged under the NDPS Act (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act). Aryan Khan and two others were alleged on Sunday evening for inclusion in utilization, selling and buying of booty. On Monday a bail hearing was done in the Mumbai High Court extended the NCB custody of Aryan Khan and others till October 7.

The court order stated that,”I am of the view that investigation is of prime importance. Considering this aspect that the presence of the accused with NCB is necessary, the custody has been extended till October 7.”

Aryan Khan’s Lawyer Satish Maneshinde in his defence contended that nothing was recuperated from Aryan Khan and requested that the court to grant bail. The NCB, then again, contended that the investigation is still in progress and the ongoing custody of Aryan Khan for additional test.

Further his lawyer said Aryan Khan doesn’t need to sell drugs on a ship. If he wants he can buy the whole ship. Aryan during his defense in the court said that I don’t have any criminal tendencies If I had or If was the culprit I would have ran away rather than letting you check upon me. Aryan Khan’s Lawyer stated, ” Mere chatting on the phone without corroboration, doesn’t make an offence.”

The lawyer argues at the court assembly and says Why they are not granting him bail and even if the case is non- bailable, there has to be facts and evidence to proof it. Based on the “incriminating evidences” found through WhatsApp and links to “international drug racket” he said “They are levelling very serious allegations against Khan. But it has to be supported with evidence… The court can look through the chats… They do not talk about it.”

Everything is clear on his part no allegations imposed on him and no proof states anything related to the case then why NCB is not releasing him and keeping him in the custody for further questioning and investigating. Many people in the country are in support of SRK and his son in this case. One amongst them is a Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor and they are desperately waiting for the courtiers to release him as soon as possible.


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