OPINION: Drug Accuse or Defamation? Are we Reacting Like that Just Because He’s Son of Shahrukh Khan & Not a Common Man?

OPINION: Drug Accuse or Defamation? Are we REACTING Like that Just Because He’s Son of Shahrukh Khan & Not a Common Man?

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Aryan Khan was taken into custody by NCB and we somehow called it arrest, here we’ve intricated full story of how media should react to such events:

Aryan Khan son of Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan has reportedly accused of consumption of drugs at a rave party on Cordelia Cruise’s Empress Ship on Saturday by Narcotics Control Bureau. They have been booked under sections 8 (c), 20 (b), 27 and 35 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. The three will be produced in the Magistrate’s court in Mumbai around 7 pm on Sunday.

In all this story Aryan Khan was just accused, into the custody and not arrested, that too for questioning. But media, Netizens and many of the common people have turned up against Shahrukh Khan and his son for consuming and peddling of drugs in the rave party when nowhere drugs found with Aryan, his belongings and even in the medical tests.

Let’s say in past two years we have come across many celebrities’ drug bust cases but we never saw such an unimportant attention with baseless allegations & this level of defamation. Was it just a weekend entertainer for viewers and netizens, just because he’s son of one of the famous personalities in India and in the world?

It it’s like that then we really need to emphasize the thing that when we say equal laws and rules for everyone that also means equal attention, treatment and criticism for everyone. Let’s forget he’s son of Shahrukh Khan and now would you take updates of this case and enquiry with that eagerness? This was not just first rave party in last few days which got raided by NCB, there are many such incidents happened in the past few years but we never put efforts to accuse those youngsters, maybe sitting right behind popular education universities.

Why? Cause they were common people or people who don’t bother anyone or just rich kids and not star kids? We’re not blaming anyone for taking a stand against yesterday’s news, we’re asking a question that do you even know the names of other young people linked in this case or that rave party? I think 90% people would say no, they just interested in how Aryan Khan was accused, then arrested and after all this, how Shahrukh Khan will release his next film!

So rather than focusing on this part let’s give a look at other side of this case: according to some of the reports, Aryan Khan was invited to the rave party which was organized at Cordelia Cruise’s Empress Ship. He didn’t even had any entry pass; for the drug part of the case, after enquiry and checkups Aryan Khan didn’t found any drugs with him and his medical tests as well found no clues.

At the end, will just sum up at media or viewers shouldn’t start any baseless investigation, we have official governing bodies which are up to the mark in their work. One more point this opinion highlights is that we’re active and responsible citizens who will not follow any agendas set against such famous personalities like Shahrukh Khan to defame them.


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