Exclusive: Bigg Boss15: BB surprise package Jay Bhanushali makes a big revelation on giving in to the Salman Khan’s show!

Actor & anchor Jay Bhanushali made headlines when he became the last & most surprising contestant to join the biggest reality show of Indian Television, Bigg Boss. Jay who’s had a reputation of a family man, surprised everyone with his decision to be a part of the show. The show’s host superstar Salman Khan personally walked him inside the house & gave him a house tour, making it a first as Salman has never done this in the past for any contestant.

Locked almost few hours before entering the house to be locked away for months, Jay spoke about his reasons to join the madness this year & made some candid revelations. He shared, ‘Life has taught me a lot in the last two years of the pandemic. I’ve seen & dealt with loss myself in the last few months, of my close friends & family. And it makes you think really ‘char din ki zindagi hai aur shayad hum chauthe din pe jee rahe hain’. I want to work hard & make the most for my daughter and her future.’

Jay, who’s brought smiles on many faces as a host on quite a few dance reality shows, gets emotional as separation anxiety kicks in, ‘I still cannot believe this is happening. This has been the toughest decision in the longest time. I think the last time I cried must be when I was about 15 and here I am getting emotional today. Whenever I would see someone get emotional and cry, I would laugh it off but today I realize the wave that comes in at times. I’m very close to my daughter and I will miss taking her to the park, sleeping next to her and just everything we do everyday.’

From being television’s chocolate boy at the start of his career to showing his humorous & spontaneously witty side while anchoring to also romanticizing some of Bollywood’s heroines, Jay has had quite an interesting journey. We wonder what side will we get to see on t he show. He quips, ‘I hope they don’t get to see my bad side. I somehow fail to understand how two people who cannot get along & are at loggerheads on the show, immediately become best of friends the next minute to escape getting nominated. It is not my c up of tea. But maybe the fact that we live together 24*7 so there is only so much you can ignore. I just don’t think it will come naturally to me to let it go. But lets see what happens in the game’

While we know Jay Bhanushali to be an effervescent person always bubbling with energy but he confesses to go weak in the knees when it comes to his daughter. Talking about his strengths he shares, ‘I have a very strong support system & a very pivotal reason to be a part of this show & that would be my daughter. I’d wake up everyday in the house & think of her & remember why I came to Bigg Boss in the first place. But that also becomes my biggest weakness because I wonder how will I ever survive for 105 days without her. I think I wasn’t ready to go this year but Mahhi has had an intuitive feeling that I must enter this year. I hope I can survive this without my daughter, she’s the only person who can make me go weak. I don’t think anything else has that kind of effect on me.’


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