“The Temple is an ever present reminder that God intends the family to be external”, Visit these 8 Temple Of India and get amazed by their weird rituals!

India is only the country with a multiple of god and goddess. Here in India, you can find out the temple in each and every step of cities and town. Some temples are odd, strange, weird but the unique things is the structure of the temple with various design. But in India some temples are there with a very weird and mysterious history behind it and till the date on one know, what is the scientific reason behind it is. The Indians like to visit the temples of their god. For Indian’s it is essential part of their life to visit the temple by accepting all the weird things.

Finding the temple is not a new things that you can get in every cities and town, but to find the temple with full of spirits and superpower elements! India is not new for all the supernatural power and for fear of spirits. You believe it or not the ‘mysteries’ of some temples in India have supernatural power and also challenged the norms of science. Indian is the country which have the countless temples, and some of them temples shock you with their mysteries. But just imagine, if the places of worship which is affected by the spirits. And because of the exorcism rites, some people also used to call them haunted temples.
Adding the mythological significance, we present to you the Extremely Mysterious Hindu Temples that are believed to be haunted by the strange activities that have witnessed in the past.
If you are travel and thrill lover, visit these temples to experience this supernatural element and with their history.

Here are some of the most mysterious temples from across the India.


Mehandipur Balaji Temple is located in Dausa district of Rajasthan. It is hardly 255 km away from Delhi. The exact location of the temple is 100 km from Jaipur, and 40 km from Karauli. This temple proves to the people who won’t believe in the ghost. There are three main deities of the temple- Lord Hanuman, Pret Raj, which is known as (king of Spirits), Bhairav. This temple is the places, where the evil spirit are exorcised. This is a temple where devotes come to get cured by the evil spirit. The Mehandipur Dham is their around one thousand year ago in a valley of Aravali Hills. The area is covered by thick dense forest, and full of wild animals.


You can able to see devotes doing the strange things like pouring the hot water on themselves and still not burning themselves. Even you can the people banging their head on the walls. The people who are possessed with negative spirit are chained for being cured. The priest practices exorcism to free a person from a negative spirit in any form. In India there are very few temples where the priest carry the exorcism. But many devotees believe in this treatment and have a blind faith in the practices. This temple is not regular open due to this strange rituals, but you must visit this place to attend the aarti section on Tuesday, dedicated to Lord Hanuman.


Ganagapura is a village, located in the Afzalpur taluk of Kalaburagi district in Karnataka. The village is famous for the temple of lord Dattatreya. The deity in this temple is Dattatreya incarnation of lord Vishnu Dattatreya. The temple is situated at the top of the hill. The idol worship in the temple has three heads of the Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. In the Dattaterya temple people bring their friends and family members whom they feel like they are possessed by evil spirits.


The people believed that on full moon day and no moon day the negative spirit is exorcised with the blessing of Shri Narasimha Sarasvati who is believed as an incarnation of lord Dattatreya. On these days, the process of Maha Mangalaratri starts at around 11.30 am. As the arti start the people who are ‘possessed’ by the evil spirits started yelling, howling, screaming, and making the different types of noise. Some people started weeping, on at the same time some people starts rolling on the ground. Even some people who are possessed climb to the poles on the main hall that the temple authorities have built. After the arti the affected person collapse at the entrance of the temple in a semi-conscious state. It takes around 10-20 minutes to get them back to their normal state.


Devji Maharaj Mandir in Madhya Pradesh is also known as one of the Mysterious temple and place where the devotees come to get rid from demons, ghost and from evil spirits. It is hardly 300 kilometer away from the city of Bhopal in Malajpur Village. This place is most popular due the festival known as “Bhoot Mela”, which is celebrated once in the year.


The festival is celebrated annually known as “Bhoot Mela” or some people also used to say it as “Bhoot Pret Ka Mela”. This festival is entirely dedicated to practice of exorcism. The Bhoot Mela is held on first day of Paush Purnima and lies till Basant Panchami. This fair is conducted in February and the people from the region of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh especially join in this celebration. People join and participate in this festival to live prosperous life. The common practices used to see amongst the devotees to light the camphor in the palms to get rid themselves from the spirits. Getting beaten by a groom or running around it is another way to rid from the evil spirits. Some people also see spirit or feel that something strange in the temple.


Hasanamba Temple is located in Hassan district in Karnataka, you can reach the temple from Bangalore around of 187 km and 115 km from Mysore. In the premises of the temple there are three temples that dedicated to Darbar Ganapati, Hasanamba and Siddeshwara. The Hasanamba Temple is opened for only the twelve days.


The mysterious things about this temple is that it get opened once in the year. In the presence of Deputy Commission the Hasanamba Temple opened only for the twelve days for the devotees during the festival of “Deepavali”. The things that make everyone shock that the flowers, water, rice all the things stay fresh. The lamp which was lit before closing the temple still burning when the doors of the temple get opened in the next year. Another mystery is the flowers which was offered to Goddess Hasanamba stay fresh till the doors get opened. Even the food offered to Devi at the time of closing the temple stay warm and fresh till the next year. So it is revered as a great temple in Hassan.


Nidhivan Temple is situated in the Mathura District in Uttar Pradesh. Nidhivan Temple is considered as a most prominent dedicate to Hindus Deities Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha and their gopis.


The mysterious things about the Nidhivan temple is the shape and size of trees used to cover the place. The tress and short, and intertwined with each other. This tress are of Holy Basil (Tulsi), the trees are completely hollow from inside and dry. Even the water is not given to the trees, but still it remains green throughout the year. As the trees are short and same in height, it believed that the trees are the Gopis and their intertwined say the love between them. It is said that the Krishna and Radha visit the temple every night and people also believed that the Lord Krishna performed Rasleela with Goddess Radha and his Gopis. Every day after the evening prayers the temple get closed and the priest used to keep fruits, foods, and some clothes inside the temples. And when the doors get opened next day the foods and fruits are eaten the clothes are disturbed. And if whoever tried to stay in temple in the night gets blind or lost sense or the person lost his life.


The Chandi Devi Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Goddess Chandi Devi in the city of Haridwar in the Uttar Pradesh. The Temple is located at a distance of 04 kilometer Har Ki Puri.


Chandi Devi Temple is called as a violent form of the Goddess. Many people believed that the people come to visit the temple during Navratri get possessed by this form of Devi. At the time of Navratri the spirit is more powerful.


The Kamakhya Temple is situated on a high hill called Neelachal Parbat or kamagiri and located in the city of Guwahati. The temple is hardly around distance of 7 kilometer from the Guwahati Railway Station. The Best time to visit the Guwahati is in month of March.


Kamakhya Temple was built to honor the Mother goddess. The Kamakhya Temple is unique because it represent the Shakti and the Women power is known as the Bleeding Goddess. When you entry the temple you will not see any deity, but a stone-shaped vagina or “Yoni”, which the devotees worship. Every year during monsoon or in the months of Ashaad (June) the Goddess bleeds or menstruates. At that time the water of river Brahmaputra turns red, which is very near to the kamakhya temple. The temple gets closed during those three days and get opened on the Fourth day. Meanwhile the Ambubachi festival is celebrated every year during these days to celebrate the Goddess fertility for three days.


Jagannath Temple is situated in Puri in state of Odisha. Puri is famous for the world famous temple of Jagannath and longest Golden Beach. Jagannath temple is one of the Dhamas out of four Dhamas that is puri, Dwarika, Badrinath and Rameswar in India. In Puri District the Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and elder brother Balabhadra are being worship.


There are lot of mysterious things around the Jagannath temple and everyone should experience it by visiting this place. There are many puzzle but we will start from the wind. Normally the sea wind flows from sea to land in the morning and from land to sea in the evening, but exactly opposite happens in the Jagannath Temple. The flag on the top of the temple shows prove. The flag on the top of the temple always flows on the opposite direction of wind. The second mystery is of sea waves sound, the temple is very near to the sea, but still as we keep are step inside the temple there will be no sound of sea waves. The third things is the flag of the temple is changed every day by the person. The fourth Mystery is every things that exits in this world has shadow, but there is no shadow of the Jagannath temple. It explains that the structure of the temple is in such a way that it does not show any shadow in all the day time. The fifth mystery of this temple is why the Lord Jagannath has no hands.


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