Bigg Boss 15 Premiere Highlights: Umar Riaz and Ieshaan Sehgal gets into fight on the very first day; all the contestants get an animal tag

Salman Khan’s controversial show is here again with the same bang but with some newest twists. The show is based on the Jungle theme. The house is designed in the same way. Today premiere night aired and here are highlights from the episode.

Salman Khan begins the yet again season, dancing on his songs ‘Jungle Hain Adhi Raat Hain’ and ‘Swag se Swagat’. He quickly gives a sneak peek of the house.

Jay Bhanushali becomes the first guest to enter the house. He chooses his favorite bed but Salman enters with another twist and locks the house. Salman Khan makes his grand entry on stage and invites all the ‘pranis’ together. All the contestants dance with their face masks on.

After that Salman Khan welcomes each contestant one by one. Vishal Kotian becomes the second one to come on the stage and entertain everyone. He calls Salman ‘Dronacharya’. Based on his features Awesome mirror Vishal becomes the Elephant of the jungle.

Next, Tejasswi Prakash enters the stage. Tejasswi explains how hungry she is to win the show. The actress also talked about not being able to win Khatron Ke Khiladi 10. Awesome Mirror introduces Tejasswi as a parrot of the house. Then the actress and Vishal are pitted against each other for a task and Tejasswi wins and bags some necessary stuff to use. Tejasswi enters the house.

On the other hand, Vishwasuntree interacts with Jay, and Jay finds her voice very hot. Then Jay shows Bigg Boss 15 house to Tejasswi. Then comes Vishal who had to face tunnels and hurdles to enter the house.

Next, Vidhi Pandya meets Salman Khan and gets introduced as Panda, and Simba Nagpal gets introduce as Tiger. Then both play a task but unfortunately, none of them get the survival kit and had to go through tunnels.

Umar Riaz makes his entry on stage. And talks about his wish to enter this show. Explains how he and Asim have different personalities. Asim also makes his entry on his rap and gives some tips to brother Umar. Salman pulls Asim’s leg.

Ieshaan Sehgal’s makes his entry. And calls entering the Bigg Boss house is like dream come true. Awesome Mirror gives the tag of a Bull to Umar and as well as of a Buffalo to Ieshaan.

Donal Bisht makes her grand entry. Umar gives a tag of Pigeon to Donal while Ieshaan gives a tag of butterfly. Salman Khan gives Donal a survival kit. Ieshaan and Umar fight for another survival kit but get into a real fight. Donal gives her decision and gives another survival kit to Ieshaan. Umar had to face hurdles to enter. Rest all the housemates prank Umar. Donal and Ieshaan also lead towards the house but end up landing in BB camp.

Sensational track Naagin fame AKASA comes on a stage and sings for Salman. AKASA becomes the Cat of the Jungle.

Karan Kundrra makes his entry. Salman Khan calls him the rockstar of television. Salman plays a small game with Karan. Karan Kundrra becomes the wolf of the jungle. Karan and AKASA go through a task to win the survival task. AKASA wins the survival kit and goes straight to the house and Karan crosses the hurdles and enters the house.

Donal and Ieshaan sit by the bonfire in the camp area.

Punjabi singer Akasa Sing arrives on the stage in her unique style. Afsana talked about her love for gold and reveals wedding plans. Titliyan Warga fame singer becomes the monkey of the jungle. Sings a special song as she is starting this journey.

MTV face Maiesh Iyyer and Sahil Shroff appear on the stage. Both reveal their jungle qualities. Maiesha becomes the Dog and Sahil becomes the Leopard of the jungle. Three of them play a task to win the survival kit and Sahil bags the kit and goes straight to the house.

Superstar Ranveer Singh comes on the stage as he is all set to host a new quiz show.


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