EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “My Character is Fiered with Little bit of Desperation,” Anuja Sathe shares ahead of release of Ek Thi Begum 2:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “My Character is Fiered with Little bit of Desperation,” Anuja Sathe shares ahead of release of Ek Thi Begum 2:

Anuja Sathe famous for her method acting skills and characters has shared her views with us in an exclusive interview ahead of OTT release of Ek Thi Begum 2 on September 30.

Directed by Sachin Darekar and Vishal Modhave, ‘Ek Thi Begum 2’ also features Shahab Ali, Chinmay Mandlekar, Vijay Nikam, Resham Shrivardhankar, Rajendra Shisatkar, Nazar Khan, Hitesh Bhojraj, Sauraseni Maitra, Lokesh Gupte, Mir Sarwar, Purnanada Wandekar and Rohan Gujar in pivotal roles.

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Here what Anuja shared with us about her character, whole team and about the series:

Q- Finally it’s here, how do you feel right now and what’s your excitement for the second season?

A- I’m very excited, I think the amount of love and appreciation we received from the first season, I think our responsibilities have increased, expectations has increased so that’s the sense of the responsibility we all have so I’m bit nervous and more excited as well.

Q- Before getting onto season 2, did you expected that huge response from season 1? And what’s that special kick the whole team to kickstart season 2?

A- We did not expected such phenomenal response for the first season from audience; very honestly we tried to put in our hundred percent, especially with me I put my hundred percent in any of the project I do. I don’t really think about the outcome or the result or how people are gonna like it or not. Cause that really flatter my mind a lot so I never think about outcome and give my hundred percent. And the team also has always been like this, team hasn’t changed only few actors have changed.

Yes so we did not expect such phenomenal response for the first season. I think the cliff hanger we left at the end of the first season that gave us a good kick start and we all were very excited to resume the shoot for the second season.

Q-We can say your character has some fire in itself which is clearly visible in the trailer, from where you put that energy and power?

A- Leena Paswan is fiercer in a way with little bit of desperation that somewhere she knows after what you saw in the first season that she was trying to be murder brutally so I think she knows that she has little time and the time is literally slipping away so that made some changes in the character.  

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Q- A familiar question as you got some familiar ‘Marathi’ co-actors around you, how you feel that Marathi actors are now leading in the OTT as well?

A-I’m happy to see so many Marathi actors beating OTT or features or any other medium. I think as a Marathi person it makes me feel great and proud of that fraternity but at some point, it’s doesn’t really matter what language you speak it’s all about characters you play on screen; so at the end of the day it’s all about entertainment, it doesn’t remain to be a Marathi or Hindi or Gujrati speaking person. But it’s obviously gives me joy gives me pride for Marathi actors doing so well for themselves.

Q- Leela Paswan has two different shades; how did you manage both the sides of this character?

A- Becoming one with that character is what defines an actor. The character is fierce, full of power, strength, inner strength to be very honest. I can actually identify with Ashraf’s character a lot cause I’m that determined, I’m that focused, I’m that strong personality in myself so I think putting hundred percent effort it automatically happened from my side so as I said becoming one with that character is all that matters.

Q- Are we gonna see more of you on OTT from now onwards? Any upcoming projects?

A- Yes you will definitely see me in other OTT projects, right now I’m no really allowed to talk about it as there are not any official announcements done by the makers or platform side. But as soon as they announce it you will come to know! I’ve being part of certain projects on OTT.

Q- Lastly, is this mystry going to end this season or we have to wait till the next?

A- Haha… You have to watch the second season to know the answer for this question. Because like you must have predicted there will be second season after this one so I guess you will find your answer in the end for sure!


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