Shahrukh Khan’s Top 5 rules of Success, the 4th one is shocking, know more:

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Shahrukh Khan is known as the king khan , it is said that he is the king of bollywood. His films like ddlj , baadshah, chennai express have been one of the most hit films of bollywood.

The Top 5 success rules of king khan are

1) kaam kaam hai baki sab haram hai.

His first rule of success is that he is probably the most hardworking person in the industry. He says that he is a workaholic person , he sleeps only 5-6 hours a day and works for the rest of the day for around 12-14 hours minimum. He says that he will get depressed if work is taken away from him.

2) Make Sacrifices

He says that if you want to be successful you have to learn to make sacrifices, without making sacrifices you cannot be successful.

3) Hate it but still do it

He says that he is quite lazy he wants to play video games,read books, write poems but he sacrifice it all and goes to work ,goes to gym . He hates going to the gym but he still does it.

4)Act like a king to be treated like one .

Shahrukh always carries himself like he knows he is great. He is always energetic, his body language is strong, his aura is charming,his fashion sense is amazing, he is extremely witty and he acts like a king. He gives respect to others and doesn’t allow anyone to disrespect him and if anyone disrespects him he roasts that person so badly that the person does not dares to behave badly next time with him.

All these qualities shows that if you carry yourself as a confident, strong,respectable person people will treat you like you are a strong person and if you carry yourself like a weak or average person you will not be given the respect and value which you deserve even if you are stronger and more intelligent than anyone else.

5) Despises lazy, sleepy and foodie lifestyle.

He says that if you want to be successful you would have to stop over sleeping, stop wasting too much time in eating food, he says there is nothing like healthy living, aaram , relaxation if you want to be successful you have to sacrifice it all because success will not come unless you are completely restless.


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