Will Smith: The Prince of YouTube Show His Style To Stay Trendy On The Platform

Having over 9.5 million subscribers, Hollywood celebrity Will Smith is one of the most famous YouTubers and, of course, a lot of his fans originally visits his channel because he is the Will Smith.  Will surely creates content for his online platform. Unlike many of his coeval, Will’s channel isn’t just about endorsing his movies. He does share his new trailers but he also creates specialised content, with really high production value, which is composed for the digital medium.

Out of the top five videos on Will’s channel, four have nothing to do with his movie career but are nearly vlogs starring his family members. Will taking holidays with his family, going out with a robot or trying to check off things from his bucket list – the Will Smith channel has content curated like any other YouTuber, but with better quality and a clearly better personality. When Will worked together with a comparatively smaller channel called Yes Theory, it stemmed in one of the biggest internet events of the year.

For those who don’t know, Yes Theory disputed a challenge for Will in a heli-bungee challenge. Will accepted and mounted it on the largest scale possible. The event came out to be huge as one of the guys from the Yes Theory channel and Will executed the adventure at Grand Canyon on his 50th birthday after wrapping the shoot for Bad Boys For Life. By testing with new formats, the channel looks to be quite familiar with the changing content habits of Will’s core fan base.

Unlike other Hollywood mainstream individualities, Will is using YouTube like other digital content creators. Him taking up a fitness challenge, shocking unfamiliar customers in supermarkets, documenting a day in his life, the channel has Will in various formats and still conserving relatability despite him being a huge movie celebrity.

A large part of Will’s interest has always been the way he provides life lessons and the channel realises that. In most of the videos, Will is splashing life mantras as if he is browsing them from a book, yet they seem so organic and not moralizing. To retain a healthy balance of fun to serious content, he also has a storytime section that has him sharing stories.

Not just YouTube, Will is quite enthusiastic on Facebook as well with over 110 million followers. One of his Facebook sequels kept him busy, going around the world and vlogging his journeys. It also starred an episode where he came to India to shoot for Student of the Year 2

It’s the need of the hour for idols to go digital to keep up with their audience and even though most relevant celebrities have a social media handle on every feasible platform, most of them just use it to improve their brands or movies. From an audience’s point of view, it just feels forced, artificial and delivers nothing fresh, but that is not the case with Will Smith’s channel.


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