EXCLUSIVE: Host To Be Mamta Handa talks about her upcoming show ‘Be You – Ghar ki baat with Mamta Handa’

A simple lady from Delhi who has dedicated her life to her family, Mamta Handa has decided to finally live her dream. She wanted to utilise her time well and hence decided to launch her own You Tube channel, Be You – Ghar ki baat with Mamta Handa.

Be You – Ghar ki baat with Mamta Handa in association with Mukesh Chhabra Casting Company is a unique chat show where your favorite celebrities are going to pour their hearts out. We exclusively spoke to the host to be Mamta and made her spill some beans on her show.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

Be You such an attractive name and idea but how did you come up with this initiative?

I have been thinking about this project for the long time. I was desperately waiting for that one chance or the opportunity to showcase my talent so I grabbed it and started work upon it. It was always somewhere in the corner of my mind that as soon as I’ll get a chance or opportunity I’ll start, so it got started.

What inspired you to start this journey?
Nothing, inspired me as such It’s my dream Since Childhood it was my dream to do something innovative. From childhood I eventually thought of doing something creative and had a desire to do it but I didn’t get chance to do it. Now as I think my shoulders are relieved from the responsibilities and I think I can do something so I did. Nothing has inspired me basically it was my dream to do it.

We have seen a variety of talk shows so amongst them how will this survive? What new people will get to see?

Actually it’s different from other chat shows its not sophisticated, It will give you a very normal vibe as to how people communicate with one another.I don’t feel like I am talking with a Celebrity rather I consider myself as I am talking with my Family member. As the name itself suggests “Ghar ki baat”. It cannot be compared with other talk shows. It cannot be compared with Koffee with Karan it’s not inspired with it or any other chat shows. The idea is different from other talk shows. Basically it’s a friendly approach where we comfortably talk with one another.

Living a dream after a big halt, and starting your chat show how is the feeling? And why re-start with a talk show?

As I was new in the industry. I thought I can create a talk show easily and wanted a smooth start-up. On the contrary I thought everything in the industry was new for me and to learn everything would eventually take time so why not try it with a chat show. The thing that I was confident about and wanted to do it as it was revolving in my mind from a long time as I said earlier it was my dream.

Every episode of the show have been shot by iPhone, what’s the reason behind that? 

As I earlier said its a friendly approach. I wanted to do it in a simple manner. It’s my initial step to start in the industry. I am very ambitious and had a desire to grow more on top of that I didn’t wanted to take any professional help. So I shot it on iPhone I didn’t have a team I only had a Director and cameraman because I am not a professional person. While doing this I have been going to the houses of respective actress and offices to shoot. When asked about how did Mukesh Chabrra helped you in this journey, She answered In this journey Mukesh has helped me like a brother by sharing the contacts from whom I could seek help while being on shoot. He liked the Idea very much. In the journey his contribution has been very massive and he has fulfilled all the duties of it.

As you want to convey a message that any one of us can start such an initiative but how can common people start something like this as they don’t have any contacts? 

I think common man or anybody can do anything If they want to do it. For eg:- Singing, Dancing, Painting. It’s never too late to start from your stop. I am blessed that I have a brother like Mukesh who has helped me in the journey. Everybody has some or the other dream like I had of starting the talk show. You can start anytime if you want to. Basically my message is for the homemakers or housewives who have sacrificed their dreams if there’s an opportunity coming in your way, grab it and start working on it.
it’s never too late.

The show will be aired on Be You Youtube channel from 27th September.


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