On Completion of 15 Years: Five Reasons Why DOR was a Movie That Shall be Etched Into Each Women’s Heart Forever!

The Story of Dor is indeed beautiful and worth to watch for. Today the movie successfully completes its 15 years. The story includes two simple girls named Meera and Zeenat who live in a small village of Rajasthan.It’s the movie about the victory of the human spirit.Dor movie had a powerful message in itself rather than the other Bollywood movies. It was something different.

The movie was far beyond the imagination because of which it is still admired today.The simplicity and purity of the movie reflected in a true sense. It was a film of rare substance. ‘Dor’ taught us valuable life lessons About Hope, Courage, Selflessness & Friendship. On eve of the completion of 15 years let’s put a light on the reasons why one must watch it.

It told us the best way to never surrender trust :-
It’s said that Hope is one efficient thing that makes us live. In the film, both the Women were clutching each other’s ‘dor’ of expectation. Zeenat (Panag) was nearly losing her guiltless spouse to an improper capital punishment while Meera (Takia) was caught in a man centric arrangement that decreased her to a simple manikin. All things considered, the two Women didn’t lose trust. They decided to battle till the end and kept on looking for energy even while looking at a dim future. In the end, fate played in support of themselves and they arose fruitful in their undertakings.

It told us the best way to be a genuine companion out of luck:-
Both Meera and Zeenat demonstrated their steadfastness to one another by acting sacrificially, more so towards the end. Regardless of having her trust broke, Meera signs the ‘maafinama’ that would save Zeenat’s significant other (who was accused of the homicide of Meera’s better half), and Zeenat gave Meera the proliferating fortitude to get away from the appalling presence of her hereditary haveli, despite the fact that it was the main home she knew.

It told us the best way to accept each other’s variety:-
Meera was a Hindu from a conventional Rajasthani family while Zeenat was a Muslim from far way. The two of them regarded each other’s confidence without a bit of predisposition. Indeed, even their ways of life were completely different; Zeenat was a viable, straightforward lady shown fixing her home with a mallet while Meera was an agreeable, blameless lady kept in the controls of customary ceremonies. However, the captivated women discovered shared view and wound up inspiring one another.

It told us the best way to esteem each little second throughout everyday life :-
As it’s been said, bliss is in the littlest moments. Meera and Zeenat’s sincere discussions till day break, off the cuff moving in the desert, watching motion pictures at the neighborhood theater and day by day visits to the sanctuary offered them relief from their concerns and battles.

In the time they spent together, Meera had the chance to be the fiery, lively young women she was prior to being bereaved and dehumanised. They appreciated each dusk, each walk and each second in one another’s organization prior to bidding farewell.

It told us the best way to battle for our privileges as Women:-
The words Zeenat used to guide Meera actually ring noisy and clear in our mind. She audaciously talked about her battles to guarantee her place in the public eye and how she battled constantly to get her own privileges. She discloses to Meera that it’s alright to be content despite the fact that she had to remain in grieving. She educated her regarding the significance of settling on your own choices and assuming liability for them. She said everything to cause Meera to accept that her life was a long way from being done and she could settle on different decisions.


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