Self Love is A Key to Start Healthy Relationship:To First, get into a Beautiful Relationship with Yourself. Says Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar is one of the most proficient diva in the Bollywood Industry and time and again she is worth to watch for. In  a Career span of 6 years The recent kitty film has ruled the hearts of audience and her fans. In her journey to becoming what she is today she has shown various shades which includes determination, passion, self love fitness, beauty and climate change.

Bhumi believes that “beauty is empowering” Recently she worked together with , a multi-marvel tech stage, as its first image minister and magnificence associate to praise the finesse of the female body and soul of engaged womanhood. In a discussion she discusses everything magnificence, wellness, style, psychological well-being, confidence and her message to young girls.

Further when asked the definition of beauty According to Bhumi Pednekar she answered Beauty is empowering. A Woman plays a vital role in the society. she has to definitely fulfill the roles. In the process of fulfilling all these things she is judged, criticized, questioned and pointed out but at the end of the day she has to accept what she is rather than questioning herself because of the society. A woman should love herself despite the flaws. Accepting yourself is the first step towards loving yourself.

According to Bhumi When it comes to dressing it totally depends on her mood some days she prefers to wear desi traditional attire while some days she goes for Western attire depending on the personality she desires to showcase her looks. Fitness is the most important part of Bhumi Pednekar’s life which inspired many fans. She says grooming yourself is equal to being fit and fine. Taking care of yourself is equally necessary because it’s ‘me’ time you spend with yourself.

She says it’s not workout for my body but also for my brain. You have to remove time for yourself being externally and internally fit.Talking about her Lockdown experience she says she has evolved herself in
baking, painting and starting putting beauty videos which was loved by audience. In the second lockdown Covid  relief work kept me busy. I thought I should lend a helping hand to those who are in need and should create awareness.

It started with sharing one request and then went on to a lot more than I had expected.  That’s how we humans have raised up where we are only the one who adapt ourselves and heal ourselves and then move on. Mental health should be taken in due importance. We don’t what circumstances a  person is going through rather than making a fun of them we should understand their problems or atleast be a good listener without judging them.

Bhumi says to start a healthy relationship you need to love yourself.First, get into a beautiful relationship with yourself. Everybody is unique start accepting yourself.In the initial period everyone is gonna judge you question you don’t listen to them be bold and fierce like me  and continue to bloom like a flower.


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