Neha Dhupia Is Worried to Deliver the Second baby, says she would Think ‘something is wrong’ if she didn’t have Morning Sickness

Neha Dhupia is expecting her second child with her Husband Angad Bedi who is a Actor by Profession. Finally Neha Dhupia has opened up about the difficulties which she is going through during her second Pregnancy. They already have a daughter named Mehr who is 2 year old.

Recently in an interview Neha opened up that many people say that second Pregnancy is easier from the first one but its not the same with me. Also she talks about the difficulties which she experienced during the pregnancy.

“They say second pregnancy is easier. But that’s not been the case with me. I have had an extreme amount of morning sickness. If there’s a day I wake up without morning sickness, I am just like is there something wrong because morning sickness makes me feel like okay I’m pregnant,” she said.

When she was asked if she got any advice, Neha said, “Advice wise, I’ve got very little advice by the people because they are like who are we to give advice, she has had a baby just two years ago, she knows best. I’m not looking up online as much because I know what to expect.”

Finally in the month of July the Husband and wife revealed the good news that they are expecting their second child. The Baby shower pictures with Angad and Mehr depicted the things more clearly. She took to Instagram and said, “Took us 2 days to come with a caption….The best one we could think of was … Thank you, God. @prasadnaaik #WaheguruMehrKare.”

During the initial days of Neha’s pregnancy, Angad was diagnosed with Covid-19 and had to be quarantined. She said, “Hard is an understatement. It was a lot that we went through. It’s always hard when someone around you gets Covid-19, and harder when you’re pregnant, but Angad was the one who helped me stay positive in that period.”

On the workfront She has been working accordingly despite of being pregnant likewise Kareena Kapoor,She shot for her project, A Thursday, during her pregnancy.wherein She plays a pregnant cop in the film. She shared pictures from the sets last month.


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