Here Are 6 Best Netflix Original Series That You Will Remember For Your Life

It’s mid-2021 and still, there are parts of our country that have been shut of due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. People at home still have the chance to catch up to the latest series going on the mega streaming platform Netflix. From true crime documentaries that’ll give you nightmares to new adaptations of classic films, Netflix is pumping out something for everyone. Whether it be some heavyweight comedies, or perhaps some dangerous horror, Netflix has it all covered. Below are the 6 best original series that have been released so far.

1. Clickbait

Clickbait is one of the greatest series and has taken Netflix by storm, and deservedly so. The fact about the demise of Adrien Grenier’s character (we will not be relating to him by his character name as he is, and always will be, Adrien Grenier first) is that it only gets more intriguing as the series continues. The mini-series also featuring Zoe Kazan and Betty Gabriel is unmanageable and unpredictable but is the best crime drama ever. By the end of episode eight, you’ll be full-blown and excited for what will happen next.

2. The Chair

In this Netflix college campus drama, Sandra Oh depicts the newly elected chair of the English department at a fictitious Ivy League. As she tries to modernize the English division between the budget cuts and academic culture wars, Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim has her own romance and family problems to face, too. One of Netflix’s best dramas in years, The Chair is an intense, funny portrait of modern academia.

3. I Think You Should Leave

After the super famous hot dog sketch-turned-meme went viral, Tim Robinson has returned for Season 2 of his instant classic comedy series I Think You Should Leave. Hilarious and unthinkable, you’ll breeze through all six 15-minute episodes easily in just one go. It’s easily one of the most enjoyable series yet.

4. Heist

A six-part documentary sequel, Heist revolves around the story of three large heists in American history—narrated by the people who carried them out. The series shows a successful Vegas money heist along with a bourbon distillery worker snatching booze and turning a profit himself. This show is straight out a true-crime series for fans.

5. Lupin

The first French series to get into U.S. Netflix’s Top 10, Lupin is a thriller that revolves around a suave gentleman burglar Assane Diop (Omar Sy) as he tries to uncover the corruption of a wealthy Parisien philanthropist and in doing so, clear his late father’s good name. This good unusual heist series is action-packed and suspenseful, but also intelligent and full of emotion. Seasons One and Two are available now.

6. Sweet Tooth

Created in part by Robert Downey Jr. and founded on the work of the same name by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth is a mythical dive into the post-apocalyptic planet where “The Sick” has taken just about everyone out and the children being to born as Half-animal, half-human. The “hybrids” are slaughtered in a mass exodus, but a few remain. This story revolves around Gus, aka Sweet Tooth, as he tries to make it to a safe haven in Colorado.


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