Shocking! Man Discovers Hair Poking Out Of A 100-Year Old Grave

A California man found what was only ever shown in horror tv shows, he stumbled upon a century old grave with hair sticking out of it. Joel Morrison was visiting Saint Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Sacramento where he spotted hair sticking out of the grave stone.

Morrison posted a clip of the discovery on TikTok which currently boasts 1.5 million views and 290,000 likes. In the video Morrison is seen discribing the situation, “I was in the cemetery and I’ve seen something really f***ing gross. here’s the tombstone and there is the person’s hair coming out of the crack in the tombstone.”

“When I first saw it, I was shocked – I wasn’t exactly sure what I was seeing was real,” Joel Morrison told Jam Press. “But upon closer inspection, I realized that it was definitely human hair coming out of the grave,” the stunned 37-year-old handyman added.

After being horrified by the discovery, Morrison began looking around for an explanation and realised several other grave stones appeared to have been dislodged and destroyed by tree roots and animals. He further stated that, “I started to feel bad for the deceased family members and worried about the upkeep of the cemetery, feeling kind of like maybe they were being disrespected or desecrated in some way.”

The comment section went crazy, “This is craaaazzzy freaky!”, one creeped out commenter said. One morbid user even joked that Morrison should “pull on the hair and if it screams – run.” Another used suggested, “Y’all: this definitely can occur, especially after heavy floods and rain. This can unfortunately bring up the bodies.” A user even added, “It looks like that grave has been moved, either somebody’s grave robbing or vampires.”

“Seems like they’re buried near a tree,” wrote another. “A funeral director once suggested to not be buried near trees as something like this might happen.”

Morrison then settled on his own similar theory, “What looks like happened to me was there was a large tree very close to the tomb/grave and the roots from the tree had grown up into the grave, disrupting the concrete barrier and brick mortar, possibly pushing up the remains,” he said.

“Then once the grave was opened squirrels, rodents and whatever other animals were free to go in and out,” he added. “It looks like maybe they were trying to nest in the human hair.”

Unfortunately, Morrison didn’t get the chance to dig deeper into the mystery since when he returned the next day the hair had been pushed back into the hole, which he suggested could be done by the groundskeeper.

Morrison plans to provide a lock of the hair to the coroner’s office to determine whether or not it’s actually from a human.


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