Mallika Sherawat Reveals Why She Does Not Use Her Father’s Surname ‘It was my rebellion against Patriarchy’

Mallika Sherawat had recently uncovered that she had changed her name when she entered the entertainment world. The actress was brought into the world as Reema Lamba and fled from home to turn into an actress in Bollywood.

While she had said that she took on her mom’s original surname, Sherawat, she has now uncovered what incited her to change her name. The actress, in a new meeting, said that her dad felt that Mallika would discolor the family’s standing on the off chance that she enters Bollywood so she chose to abandon the name.

“It was my rebellion against patriarchy because my father said, ‘Ye filmo mein jayegi, parivaar ka naam kharab karegi, main tereko disown karta hoon (She will enter the film industry, she will ruin the family name, I disown you).’ Maine kaha, ‘Main tumhara naam hi disown karti hoon. Tum kya mujhe disown karoge (I told him that I disown your name). Yes, you’re my dad, I respect you, I love you, main apni maa ka naam use karungi (But I’ll use my mother’s name).’ So I used Sherawat, it’s my mother’s name,” she said.

Since her introduction, Mallika has showed up in various movies. She got the country’s consideration when she played out a couple of strong scenes with Emraan Hashmi in Murder. She later featured in movies like Khwahish, Welcome, Pyaar Ke Side Effects, and Dasavatharam. Universally, she did movies like The Myth, with Jackie Chan, and Politics of Love.

Nonetheless, her relationship with her family stayed cut off for quite a long time. In a similar meeting, Mallika said that throughout the long term, the harshness has decreased. “It still not the best I would say, but with age everyone softens,” she said.

Mallika was most recently seen in Rajat Kapoor’s Rk/RKay. She will next show up in an advanced series called Nakaab. Talking about her excursion up until now, she told a leading daily,“I have auditioned to get work. I didn’t ever land a film without going through that. Even Jackie Chan had auditioned several actresses before casting me in his film (The Myth). The process was always there but I am not sure if it was followed as strictly for industry kids. This time around, when Rajat approached me for his film, he took me through a proper look test and screen-test and had told me that if he is not convinced about it, I won’t get the part.”


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