Thank You, Kim Namjoon, for Being the Epitome of Casual Cool

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WHAT A FINE MAN! Yes, I am going to start my article by saying this. What did we do in our previous life to witness Kim Namjoon at the same timeline? Well, it must have been something good I suppose.

I could go on to write 10,000 words for my ultimate bias, the leader of the global pop supergroup BTS, Kim Namjoon. Unfortunately, I am not granted such a wish so I am just going to gush over the Idol on his golden 28th birthday. Yes, you heard me right. Our Ilsan-gu boy is turning a year older and we ARMY’s cannot keep calm because it’s finally ‘Namjoon Day‘.

Kim Namjoon, also known for his stage name RM (Real Me) is a human figure of several talents. He’s an incredibly talented composer, producer, and lyricist, equally gifted at creating ballads that will ultimately wreck you with your adrenaline rushing hard and that voice flow will make you groove so bad that you won’t even recognize he’s rapping about political issues. The talented rapper is also an environmentalist, a humanitarian who has spoken at the United Nation representing his country, South Korea, and has been awarded the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit. An ardent museum and nature lover, a brilliant orator who can switch from multiple languages and can speak fluently with absolute ease as honey dripping from his mouth.

Did I bore you with his achievements? Well, I don’t care about your boredom. As if these attributes were not enough to embody in one person, he’s also a genetically blessed person who can wear the hell out of any outfit, especially his casual-cool outfits. A tall figure, broad-shouldered and a dimple bracketed smile could easily ruin your life if pointed at you. RM looks so dashing in casual streetwear outfits and suits that I am pretty sure he is now the ultimate epitome of casual wear. Apart from other members in BTS, RM has a very toned-down style which gives out boy next door vibes. You will never spot him being OTT with his outfit and is mostly clean with his outfit choices. Even if he is going for suits, the leader likes to keep it lowkey and stylish at the same time. Therefore, for my birthday tribute to my bias, here are some of my favorite natty Namjoon moments.


Do I even have to explain these iconic looks? Every time RM comes out in a suit, my eyes turn into little cartoon hearts. Pastel or purple, RM seems to kill it in every color and make ARMY’s go weak on their knees. We are not complaining!


Allow me to introduce you to the ultimate definition of masculinity. We stan an inclusive King who isn’t afraid to embrace different styles of outfits. Back when RM was experimenting with the skirt era, although the style move was quite risky he pulled it off like a pro. Choosing a monochromatic all-black with a pop of white is a chef’s kiss for an experimental outfit and that rapper swag, yes we would kill for that look.


Bundle-Up RM is probably what makes ARMY’s heart melt. RM is a big-time fan of layering and mostly you will spot him wearing different types of clothes and accessories at the same time yet it makes a casual statement. It’s a mix between a full-blown urban look and needs-to-be-protected-at-all-times because we must protect this baby at all costs.


Namjoon’s intellectual vibes in glasses, that’s what these above photo screams. Every single time he throws a pair of glasses, you can’t help but give a standing ovation to this man. Always striving for a clean classic sold look with glasses. Namjoon with glasses just hit different man, even I can’t help!


Have you ever seen anybody look this good in overalls? Don’t think so. Namjoon and overalls are the perfect mixes and he has already declared his love for this clothing item. Although it’s a simple piece of clothing, RM likes to give it his style of twist by adding a cool cap, glasses, sneakers, or headband. Probably, his overalls look makes us go Namjooing over him a bit more.


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