Sama Thakore opens up on how difficult it is for musicians and artists to convince their parents to let them follow their dream and her inspiration

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Musician Sama Thakore has probably come a long way in her journey, from being a small time artist to being one of the most heard artist on Spotify and other platforms. Sama has embarked on a journey which few people even dare to take up. She is taking up the less travelled roads which are full of ups and downs but as they say ‘Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy’. So, we roped in the talented singer for a one-on-conversation in which we tried to know about vivid topics pertaining to her musical journey and life in general.

To begin with, we first asked Sama on her take about parents not turning out to be supportive whenever their children are inclined towards music and eventually decide to pursue it professionally. Sharing her view on the same, Sama said “I am blessed with the most supportive parents. My mother is a music teacher. She trained me as a child and is still my teacher. She is my Guru for Hindustani classical Vocal Music. My dad is not a musician but is fond of all types of popular music. My family has always been supportive and whatever my brother and I do, they are always there for us as long as we are happy with what we do. I am blessed to have them as my family. My mother trained since her childhood and has now been teaching since 22 years. I am 23 now and have been training and passively absorbing music while my mother teaches. However, when I considered making music my career, I realised that I need to train beyond Hindustani Classical music, so I started learning western music at True School of Music in Mumbai. I have recently completed a course at Berklee College of Music, Boston.”

Furthermore, we asked Sama, what inspires her as an artist as what is the constant push that keeps her going in her career. Answering the same, she said “Various things inspire me, like many situations, incidents that took place in my life, sometimes I also try and observe situations that my friends are going through, or may be if they tell me about some things and I feel like writing it down, composing about it. Sometimes it’s the children playing in the garden, sunsets, colours of the sky, sound of rain, beauty of nature and thoughts about how colourful life can be. To be honest, anything and everything inspires me”


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