‘Mumbai cha Raja’ Lord Ganesh Idol Leaves Mumbai for Sanctuary in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the bend, a woman is taking with her deity of Lord Ganesha called ‘India-Pakistan Border cha Raja’ to be put at a sanctuary close to the Line of Control (LoC) in Poonch locale of Jammu and Kashmir. This isn’t the first run through the symbol for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is being moved to Poonch from Mumbai. Kiranbala Isher, otherwise called ‘Ishwar Didi’ has been doing it for throughout the most recent six years, under the standard of her NGO ‘Reformist Nation’.

Isher, whose NGO upholds the reasons for officers, said she introduces the Ganpati symbol in Pooch for the security of the warriors and their families.

“I and my family have special faith in Ganpati Bappa. I come from a family of army background, and this idol of Ganpati Bappa is being taken from Mumbai for the last six years. It is one of the important festivals for me, this Ganpati Bappa idol is to be installed for the safety of the soldiers and their families,” Isher said.

“It is my wish that Lord Ganesha takes away all the troubles and obstacles that come in the way of the soldiers of our country. It is my wish is that Ganpati Bappa also reduces the tension between India and Pakistan so that the local people on both sides can live safely,’ she said.

The Idol is made by craftsman Vikrant Pandhre at his studio in Mumbai’s Kurla for the beyond six years. This year Pandhre has made extraordinary embellishments for the Ganesh symbol. Simply behind Ganpati Bappa, Pandhre has made fencing with iron wires. There is additionally a major standard behind the symbol showing the excellence of the Kashmir valley. There is likewise a portrayal of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, which is just 600 kilometers from the boundary.

Talking about the decoration, Isher said, “since Bappa is going to the India Pakistan border, we want to make the people living in Mumbai aware through this scene that Afghanistan’s capital is just 600 kilometres away from the border where the Taliban has currently taken over the country. We want to tell people about the amount of fear in which people live there.”

Pandre, the craftsman behind the delightful symbol communicated pride that Ganesh icons made by him have been loved in Jammu and Kashmir for the beyond six years.


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