Gaze at your future; Astrological prediction for 7 September 2021:

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Gaze at your future; Astrological prediction for 7 September 2021:

Find out that stars are lined up in your favour or not by checking this astrological prediction:)


ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20):

Adopting a fitness regimen will find you in the prime of health. Despite experience, reemployment remains a distant dream for the retired looking for jobs. Getting ticked off by teacher for not completing school work is possible. Your apprehensions regarding an investment in a scheme will be ill-founded, as handsome returns start pouring in. Availability of home loans with low interest rates will encourage some to go in for property. An unexpected gift is likely to make your day today.


Love Focus: Spouse’s indifference may become a cause for concern.

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Colour: Red


TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20):

You are likely to achieve a perfect work-life balance and find yourself in a happy space. Your efficiency at work remains unparalleled and seniors look up to you to finish difficult tasks, without any glitches. Planning for a family get together is on the cards and will prove to be a fun affair. Shifting to a newly purchased house is possible for some. Travel bug is likely to bite some soon and planning for someplace exotic may be underway.


Love Focus: You are set to enjoy the day with spouse or lover.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Colour: Light Blue


GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21):

Someone can take advantage of your ignorance about financial matters and make away with your money. It is best not to take financial responsibility for anyone. Digestive problems are foreseen and may warrant change of bad dietary habits. You love travelling and are likely to jump at the first opportunity for an outing. Discuss an official matter with superiors, before taking action on it. Check if all papers are in order of a property being purchased.


Love Focus: A hint is enough for the partner to know what you want to convey.

Lucky Number: 11

Lucky Colour: Peach


CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22):

Your outstanding work on the professional front will help in joining the big league. Devoting your leisure time to studies will help in coping up with the syllabus. Healthwise, you are doing okay. A family elder may not like the way you conduct yourself in front of others, so be ready for a moral lecture. Neither will the money invested in a flat be returned nor will the flat be handed over to you is the dilemma facing some of you.

Love Focus: Trust is an important element in a loving relationship.

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Colour: Lemon

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23):

You will manage to devote equal time to work and family, as you manage to take care of your office most efficiently. Children may hanker for an outing, so arrange a picnic at some quiet and secluded locale. If ordering food online, order from a known eatery to avoid any stomach ailment. Take financial decisions jointly and keep spouse in the loop for everything. It seems difficult for the teacher to let you off the hook for a misdemeanour.

Love Focus: A past episode can strain your loving relationship with lover.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Pink

VIRGO (Aug 24-Sep 23):

Your reputation as a reliable worker is set to grow at workplace. Competitive spirit is likely to provide you with enough motivation to come out the winner. Medical supplements that you are taking will keep you alert and energetic. An allergy or a skin problem is set to disappear. It is best not to cross the path of an agitated family member today. Bad timing for purchasing property may find you shelling out more, which could have been had for less.

Love Focus: Don’t let your ego come in your loving relationship.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: White

LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23):

You are going great guns on the business front, as you manage to thrive and survive during these times. Losses incurred due to lockdown will be made up, but replenishing savings may prove an onerous task. Personal help of a private teacher can be an added boon for students studying online. Medical requirements of a family elder may prove a drain on your finances, so start saving. Joining a hobby class will help in utilising spare time more constructively.

Love Focus: Watching a movie together with lover today proves most enjoyable.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Violet

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22):

An important responsibility assigned to you at work will do wonders for your self-esteem. Cramming is passé, the way to success in academics nowadays is to understand and apply your mind. Travelling together with your extended family on a pilgrimage will be a lot of fun. Find ways to boost your income to pay off mounting debts. A road rage situation is best avoided, even if the other party is at fault.

Love Focus: Lover going incommunicado can lead to all sorts of suspicions, so be upfront and clarify the same.

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour: Yellow

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21):

Travel stars shine bright for you. It is time to be one with nature to refresh and rejuvenate. Investments done previously may start giving good returns. At work, don’t leave anything for the next day, as your workload may become unmanageable. Those into sports may acquire new skills in their chosen game. Don’t snub someone who is trying to help. You are likely to become a proud owner of a swanky apartment.

Love Focus: Leaving office early to meet your heartthrob is risky, but this risk is certainly worth taking!

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Maroon

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21):

Remaining healthy should become your priority number one. Your academic achievements are likely to open many doors on the job front. A lucrative business deal may fall in your lap. Some students can expect a call from a prestigious institute. Rising monthly expenditure needs to be checked with a firm hand. You are likely to honour a family youngster for his or her academic achievements. A property can slip out of your hands due to delay in home loan.

Love Focus: Taking the next step in a relationship needs serious thinking.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Colour: Chocolate

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19):

A little praise at work may make you puffy headed and arrogant. This will not go down well with your co-workers, who will leave no stone unturned to bring you back to mother earth! A schoolmate may not return your notes and throw you into a panic. Meeting all your near and dear ones in an outing will give you immense joy. A foreign trip beckons and will give you a first-hand experience of different cultures. Grooming can up one’s personality.

Love Focus: Spouse need to be dealt with a firm hand today.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Peach

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20):

You may face problems travelling abroad, so get all your travel documents in order before setting out. Dealing with an unsavory situation at work in a timely manner will help resolve it quickly. Those lagging behind on the academic front may have to pull up their socks. A health check will find you fit and fine. Renting accommodation in a new place may become your biggest challenge, but persistence will pay. Contributing to charity will provide mental peace.

Love Focus: You may not be in the mood for romance today.

Lucky Number: 11

Lucky Colour: Cyan

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