Weight Loss Tips: Can Eating Food After 8 Pm Leads To Weight Gain? Read More!

1. Can Eating After 8 PM lead to Weight Gain?

When you are on mission of weight loss at that time, what you eat is a vital as when you eat them. Eating on time helps to digest the food properly, boost metabolism, and eventually help you to drop some weight. So it is always recommended that always take a large breakfast in the morning and in the evening a light early meal is help us to weight loss. But if you are eating late at night it definitely break your weight loss goals and also lead to weight gain.

Today we are going to find out that there is any truth in this claim.

2. Eating Late At Night Makes You Fatty?

According to the study published in the British Journal of Nutrition there is no link found between the timing of the meal and the weight gain. But if you eat late at night it create digestion problems, high acidity problems, even there will be more risk of overweight or obesity.

3. Why Eating Late At Night Is Not Considered Good?

Timing is not the issue but the food and quantity of it can lead towards a weight gain. As the long gap time between the lunch and dinner makes you to eat more and the limit. And if you are hungry you crave unhealthy food which increased the calories. Even the carbonated drinks, salty snacks, sweet treat can also lead to weight gain.

4. It Is Danger For The Health Eating Heavy Meal At Night

As we feel hungry due to the long gap time between the lunch and dinner and so you will choice unhealthy food and consumes alot of calories. Second thing taking a heavy meal near to the bedtime might lead to the problems like indigestion. And you might feel uncomfortable at night which will also impact on your sleep.

5. What Should You Do To Loss Your Weight?

It is not necessary that eating food early helps you to shed kilos. For that start eating fresh and healthy food. And at least do your dinner 2 hours before going to bed. Which will help you to go for comfortable sleep and a better digestion.


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