Rahul Mahajan in the Wake of Visiting Sidharth Shukla’s Home and Meeting Shehnaaz Gill, ‘She had gone completely pale’ Aly Goni Pleads Shehnaaz to Stay Strong

Rahul Mahajan and Sidharth Shukla had an spiritual connection that fortified them for such countless years. The actor visited Sidharth’s home and had the opportunity to meet his mom. He said, “I had not met him for nearly a year but nothing changed because both of us are spiritual and that we often discussed and spoke about spirituality. In fact, I was to call him and wanted to spend some quality time with him which unfortunately did not happen.”

Rahul additionally uncovers that Sidharth Shukla’s dad too had passed on of a cardiovascular failure and one doesn’t have to discuss injustice in spite of the fact that it is human instinct to fault. He said, “Sidharth was a different kind of person, he would not even like us mourning for him and I met his mother today who is also such a strong woman. She had tears in her eyes but she was strong and told me ‘death is obvious and but said itna jaldi nahi hona chahiye tha.’ She is a mother and how can any mother see her son go away in her lifetime.”

While there are discusses Sidharth spending extended periods of time in the exercise center, Rahul illuminates that the actor never endeavored. He said, “He took time in the exercise and one and half hour workout was done in three hours so the question of exertion does not arise at all. Also his food habits were mostly vegetarian.”

Rahul Mahajan says, “Whatever the post-mortem report it is we have lost one person the parent has lost her son what how does it matter what the reason of death could be but the person is not going to comeback. Even if it is due to medicine or fatigue that does not really matter now. Whatever the postmortem report it will be more for the media but it does not matter to the family they have lost him and the cremation has to happen.”

Rahul additionally admits that he was frightened of Sidharth Shukla in view of his large constructed. He said, “He would hug me so tight and deliberately and I would feel meri haddi toot jayegi. I was also scared what if he gets angry gives me punch and he was thoda sanki also naa but in a sweet way. He would get angry and then say sorry immediately after that. I miss my friend now.”

Rahul likewise met Shehnaaz Gill at Sidharth Shukla’s home where she was recording her assertion with the police.He said, “She had gone completely pale as if a storm had just passed by and washed away everything.”
While on the other hand Aly Goni tweeted on twitter pleading to Shehnaaz to stay strong in this tough time.Chehra jo hamesha haste hue dekha.. khush dekha… lekin aaj jaisa dekha bass dil toot gaya stay strong sana.. #numb #heartbroken


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