Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 Shows a Run Or Die Situation For The Professor’s Squad: Read to know more

The first part of the last season of Money Heist or La Casa De Papel is loaded with adrenaline-inducing and nail-biting scenes, albeit predictable, altering relationships, new characters whose backstories are yet to untold, stronger foes and more women taking charge. However, it is a similar strategy, same action and familiar plot reshown in a distinct, stylish way. Although it is too soon to call on the final decision as the second instalment is yet to drop. The last season saw Lisbon’s recovery and the Professor’s capture (sort of).

This time the Professor’s rival Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) is not an easy one – rather the pregnant cop does not hesitate to do even the impossible, because she understands this is how she can withstand a man’s world. Meanwhile, back at the bank, the captives are getting out of hand, the gang is still not over Nairobi’s death and they are not only rebelling the cops and the system, there is also an inner battle going on. To top it all, the police troops enter the scene in an endeavour to take them down.

With the Professor now hostage, one can’t help but think whether it is a part of his scheme as well, maybe a Paris Plan or a plan called after some other place, because it is common of the series to interpose logic-defying plot twists. However, the producers are not going to uncover his fate so soon in the series.

Coming to his crew, they have saved Lisbon but lost one of their own but it is no time to mourn as it is an escape or die circumstance for the raiders. After several seasons, and a victorious first heist, one might predict that the characters would not recite their mistakes but we do see a shade of flightiness here and there. Although, some of the characters break their shell and do the unthinkable to guarantee them whistles from the audience if released on a big screen.

Though he couldn’t get rid of his childishness entirely, Denver’s role appears to have come to a full circle, with the son being a father this time. It is hard to tell if we still appreciate Palermo, mostly because he is a homophobe but he looks like to have some sort of cognition.

Rio has grown up after all the suffering he faced and Tokyo is still the angry woman who is always more style than material. However, she has not let go of her leadership personality and that is something one would appreciate.

Apart from Tokyo, Lisbon and Stockholm become the lead of heist and with three women overseeing, one might expect that maybe, this time the show will stop normalising the complicated portrays that it has been conveniently resisting – sexism and abuse.

This season also glimpses the backstories of some of the characters opening, highlighting that they can flee from the police with a detailed plan, but how do they escape themselves?

You will discover that some of their actions are highly speculative while aiding them simultaneously, and this is one of the themes the show lives on. As Raquel let out in the first season that she doesn’t know who the good guys are and the bad guys are anymore.

The writing is predictable at spots and the series has altered to the same procedure because if you recollect the previous seasons, you can easily foresee when the characters are in problem and when they are not even with the unnecessary tension build-up. The show also needs a little more creativity but Money Heist is a mission where you do not know the final goal up until the last moment.

Assessing all its drawbacks and loopholes, Money Heist is worth the wait and will leave you craving for more until you agree to move on to the next series.


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