Anupam Kher gives an epic response to a twitter user who calls him ‘bekaar’

Actor Anupam Kher, during a flight from Los Angeles to Newark, decided to interact with his Twitter followers via an Ask Me Anything session. He fielded a number of questions, from the first time he realised he was ‘privileged’ to a request for an update on Kirron Kher’s health.

A Twitter user criticised Anupam and wrote, “We are not bekaar (useless) like you nor Bhakts here sitting here to do your time pass.” The actor replied, “Ye bolne ke liye bhi jawab to de he diya (You had to reply to me, even if only to say this). Basically you couldn’t even ignore me!”

One fan reminisced about the days gone by and expressed how disillusioned he was with the present state of the film industry. “Aap sabka Bollywood hi sahi tha. Aap sabki filmein marg darshak ka kaam karti thi par ab…! Ab toh kuch ghatnao ne iss kadar jhakjhor karke rakh diya ki Bollywood se bharosa hi uth gaya (The Bollywood of your time was good. The films you all came out with guided us in life. But now, some incidents have shaken me up so much that I have lost faith in Bollywood). #AskAnupam.”

“Gham ki andheri raat mein dil ko na bekarar kar, subah zaroor aayegi, subah ka intezaar kar (Do not be restless because of the dark night of sadness. The morning will definitely come, wait for it),” was Anupam’s reply.

To a person who asked for an update on Kirron’s health, Anupam said, “She is much better! Thanks!” Kirron has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer, and is currently undergoing treatment.

When asked about the first time he realised his privilege, Anupam said, “I thought I was privileged to be born to great parents. What can be bigger privilege than that!” He was also asked to rate the three Khans – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan – as actors but evaded giving an answer. “I appreciate them as Actors. Will never want to rate them!” he wrote.

Anupam is currently touring the US with a show called Zindagi Ka Safar. He recently finished shooting for his 519th film titled Shiv Shastri Balboa. The film, said to be a ‘fascinating tale of survival of an Indian in a small town in America’, also stars Neena Gupta.


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