Remembering The Man Of Positivity And Aspiring Personality: Sidharth Shukla Lives Eternally Within Our Hearts!

Sidharth Shukla was a man of many words. From being a television megastar to being a figure of inspiration towards his fans it can arguably be said that he was ‘The Star’. Even though now he is not present with us, his values and speeches have created a huge impact on many people who followed him. Today as we pay our respects to the late celebrity, let us see the aspiring acts and stunning personality that made him reach the top.

Sidharth started his career in 2008 in the tv industry as Shubh Ranawat featuring in Babul ka Aangann Chootey Na. Later he went on to star in Balika Vadhu as Shivraj Shekhar and had claimed huge honour for that role. He made his film debut in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania as Angad Bedi in 2014. Since then his has seen nothing but success. Later on, he entered the 13th instalment of the reality show Bigg Boss and won the whole show. This made his huge fan following even huge.

Even though things were tough during the lockdown after Bigg Boss, Sidharth never stopped inspiring his fans to be great. Upon asking his inspiration for success, Sidharth stated to his fans in an Instagram post that, “It’s funny when I tell people what inspires me. It’s funny because most people think that the object of my inspiration is deep-seated in vain. I put my mind into two elements of paramount importance – fame & appreciation. For me, appreciation is the biggest motivator that cannot be compared to anything else for the simple reason that appreciating someone will always make them want to do more than what it is expected of them and makes one believe that you’re good at it and fortunately for me, I got it through acting.” He added “This inspires me to go the extra mile when I am acting; I like to do whatever it takes to hit the bull’s eye to own that role/character. Fame, however, has been a game-changer for me – It’s a beautiful feeling to be known by so many and believe that these people back my work.”

After his victory in Bigg Boss, Sidharth often sent motivational tweets to his fans on his Twitter account giving them the energy and the push to move ahead in their lives during times of lockdown. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

After his exit from Bigg Boss, he was called back in the next season of the same to be a ‘Toofani Senior’ for the participants of the season. Among the participants was Sidharth’s co-star Jasmin Bhasin. In an interview following the end of season 14 when Jasmin was asked if Sidharth was lenient towards him knowing their past relation, Jasmin replied saying that “Sidharth is a very good sports person. He has that sportsman spirit that if he has to do something, he will do and win it.”

The actress said, “Sidharth has a personality that he will not be biased towards anyone though he’s my good friend still he won’t be biased.” She also said that Sidharth believes in seeing people strong and while they were working together he always helped her to be a stronger person and stronger actor. He can never be biased, she lastly said.

Even though having a huge career in his hand Sidharth Shukla was a man who helped others without any hesitation in mind. From inspiring his fans through his social media handles to supporting his friends and family like a strong pillar, we can say that Sidharth is just one of a kind. We pray for his family to gain strength after this tragedy and may his ideologies and virtues live on through his fans.


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