Birthday Special: Here Are 6 Lesser Know Facts About Birthday Boy Keanu Reeves’s Life

One of Hollywood’s most prominent actors Keanu Reeves celebrates his 56th birthday today on September 2nd. More than his acting skills and prominent roles in movies that he has played on screen over the years, Keanu is famous for being humble, sincere and considerate person in real life.

Today on the special occasion of his birthday we bring you some facts you might not know about Hollywood`s most handsome man.

1. The inspiration behind the name Keanu

Keanu Reeves almost altered his name before getting into the movie industry. When the actor was starting his career his manager instructed him to change his name because it didn’t sound good enough.

The name Keanu is originated from Keaweaheulu, his great-great-uncle’s name, which in the Hawaiian language signifies ‘cool breeze over the mountains’.  

2. His first poetry book

Keanu Reeves has also released his own poetry book, by the name ‘Ode to Happiness’ in 2011. The book also includes sketches by painter Alexandra Grant. The two even worked together again  in year 2015 and released another book named ‘Shadows’.

3. The Humane part of Reeves

Keanu Reeves is recognized for having a huge heart. The actor once provided 80% of his ‘Matrix’ series profit to charity after his sister got cured of Leukaemia. So as a notion of appreciation, he guaranteed that his hard-earned wealth went for a promising cause.

The actor also donated  $75 million of his income to ‘The Matrix’ costume design and special effects squads, and he also gifted the whole stunt team Harley Davidson motorcycles.

4. Keanu Reeves was this close to being married

Keanu Reeves nearly wedded his co-star Winona Ryder. The two worked with each other in Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’. During the press session, Ryder had conveyed that Coppola had actually used a true pastor for the marriage scene in the movie where she had exchanged the vows with Reeves.

5. Man of various cultures

It was once reported that the actor has many ancestries. Keanu  Charles  Reeves born in Beirut, Lebanon, was the son of Patricia Taylor who was a native to Essex, England, Great Britain and his father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr who is from Hawaii and is Chinese, English, Irish, Native Hawaiian, and Portuguese native which makes him a mixture of them hence naming him a man of various cultures.

6. Keanu Reeves’ secret crush

A decade after their film, ‘Speed’ co-stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock disclosed that they both had a crush on each other. Bullock on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show confessed that she had a crush on Reeves. Responding to the scene, the actor explained he wasn’t aware that she liked him. “She obviously didn’t know I had a crush on her either,” he told.


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