Bhumi Pednekar: Now Movie Producers are Going to Recalibrate, Entertainers Will Re-examine

The post pandemic diversion scene is an alternate one, notes Bhumi Pednekar and she accepts that there would be a ton of changes that one is making and more that will be made in the coming future.

The entertainer says that the progressions won’t simply occur in the manner projects are being shot yet in addition content-wise, particularly with the coming of OTTs.

“Our fraternity is such that we adjust with the changing times really well. Our narrative is changing. Our story is changing. OTT is the sister platform for us and it is never going to be with either cinemas or OTTS. Both will co exist with a lot of love. I would hate to be home and watch everything on TV. We love to go to cinemas, and I am sure we will bounce back. But having said that, I really enjoy the content that our platforms have given us during the pandemic and I am thankful to that,” shares Pednekar.

The 32-year-old entertainer, whose film Durgamati delivered on an OTT last year, feels that we will see some advancement content in the coming years.

“That’s because our audience is exposed to such content already. It is not just what we have done but also internationally the amount of thing that the audience has seen in that past two year. Filmmakers are going to recalibrate and actors are going to rethink the way they are performing. People want newer stories and newer narratives and I am very excited to be a working actor during this time,” she says.

Not simply tweaking of content, shoot life has additionally gone through changes attributable to the pandemic and Pednekar, who as of late went for Raksha Bandhan, says like every other person, she is likewise changing herself to these changes.

“The hours have gotten a lot lesser because of the restrictions, state wise. I would not say that much has changed because at the end of the day when you get into the rut of working, you are really into it despite the masks and all the Covid protocols. That is the need the hour, you see people sanitizing and washing hands all the time and thank God for that cause there has been such a loss of livelihood. But apart from that even stories are change, people are avoiding huge crows, but we work equally hard,” adds the actor.

And keeping in mind that on set, Pednekar concedes that one gets so fascinated in the work that the continuous pandemic and the dangers related with it isn’t at the forefront of anybody’s thoughts truly.

“You get involved in what you are doing and you don’t really think about it. It slips your mind, I don’t know how healthy but what can you do? This is what our job requires us to be out there, there isn’t much we can do. The only good thing is that in all films set if someone is not feeling well (health-wise), we feel responsible to let people around us know. We have to survive and all us in our own way is trying to do that,” she ends.


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