“Live less out of habit & more out of intent! ” Top 5 crystals you should use to start your collection!

Crystals have long been prized for their beauty, as well as their spiritual and healing properties. They can be used to heal, energise, and soothe almost any aspect of life, whether the need is emotional, psychological, spiritual, or physical. The ideal of personal development covers a wide range of areas including:

  • Improving awareness and identity
  • Developing skills and talents
  • Increasing employment opportunities
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Working towards personal goals and aspirations
  • Building on positive areas of life and personality
  • Working to resolve problematic personality traits and behaviours

There are many approaches to self-development and some people choose to work with professionals such as life coaches, mentors or counsellors. It is also possible to work on many areas and issues through self-help methods. These may consist of joining groups—either online or in person, reading relevant self-help books or practising beneficial activities such as meditation, yoga and crystal healing. Crystals can be used in enhancing life or to help support you in times of difficulty or in overcoming undesirable behaviour patterns or personality traits. For example, they can be used in increasing self-esteem, balancing emotions, boosting confidence, calm anger and possessiveness and helping us to forgive others and give up impulsive or addictive habits.

Clear Quartz- The master healer:

Clear Quartz is also called Rock Crystal or Ice Crystal. The word “crystal” comes from the Greek “krystallos”, meaning “ice” as it was thought to be water frozen beyog. Roman ladies even carried crystal balls to cool them in the Summer. In some Asian cultures, Clear Quartz was thought to be the congealed breath of the White Dragon.

Clear Quartz is valued in the world of technology as it is excellent at transforming mechanical pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy with the ability to focus, store, amplify and transform it. Clear Quartz is used to amplify healing and energy, manifestation and intention. It is a Master Healing stone and programmable crystal that amplifies and stores whatever intention is put into it.

It expands consciousness, connects you to past lives, facilitates guide communication and allows you to feel in harmony with existence. It connects to higher guidance, enhances inner peace & calm, brings clarity in thought and communication, filters out negativity and stimulates positive feelings. It balances & harmonizes all chakras and protects the aura while doubling the energy field.

Rose Quartz:- Infinite Love:

Rose Quartz can be cloudy to translucent in colours from deep pink to almost white. Rose Quartz symbolizes Infinite Love and is the absolute best Heart Chakra and Heart Healing Crystal. Rose Quartz brings comfort, compassion, peace, and love, helps to release emotional wounds, resentments, fears and assists you in giving and healthily receiving love.

  • Stimulates love of beauty, in self, in others, the arts, and nature.
  • A gentle Mother Earth crystal that connects us to The Divine Feminine and the Heart of the Universe.
  • Is excellent for those who have not received enough love.
  • Helps process anger and ease forgiveness after a love relationship.
  • Rose Quartz is connected to the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Passion, Aphrodite, also known as Venus.

According to Mythology, Rose Quartz was created by the Goddess Aphrodite as she rushed to defend her mortal lover, Adonis, as he was attacked by her other lover, Ares the God of War. Jealous Ares turned himself into a boar and charged Adonis, cutting him. As Aphrodite rushed to save him, she was pricked by a briar. The two lovers mingled their blood which fell to the ground on a piece of White Quartz and forever stained it Pink.

Citrine:- Eternal Abundance:

Citrine is yellow quartz whose name comes from the French “citron”, meaning “lemon”. The stone ranges in colour from almost clear goldish yellow, honey to deep goldish brown and sometimes contains rainbows or sparkle inclusions. Citrine is known as a stone of abundance, manifestation, clearing & willpower. Natural Citrine is said to never need clearing as it does not hold or gather negative energy, feelings or thoughts.

Citrine is related to the sun and represents a call to action with its vibrating energy, assisting you to bring dreams into reality. Citrine opens, energizes and activates the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras, stimulating creative energy, personal power, concentration, manifestation, and decisiveness.

  • Citrine has the power to bring cohesion to new relationships and pursuits.
  • Citrine is the stone of kings, riches & adventure.
  • Citrine resonates with the success, enthusiasm, joy, happiness, and power.
  • Citrine is useful for the overly sensitive to stabilize and protect the aura.
  • Citrine conquers depression, deep fears, negativity, and anger.

When you feel attacked and victimized, Citrine helps release sensitivity to criticism. Gold Citrine is also associated with Archangel Uriel who heals resentment. Sekhmet, the Egyptian Solar Goddess of War & Healing resonates with Citrine. Sekhmet has the head of a lion and the body of a woman and is known as “Lady of the Flame” whose skin glows like the Sun. Records dating as far back as 300 BC tell of Citrine used in Greek culture. It was thought to cause women to be fertile and therefore, happy. In men, Citrine was thought to make them charming, handsome and wise.

Smoky Quartz:- The Powerful Life:

Smoky Quartz gets its colour from aluminium and natural irradiation and ranges from a very light smoky yellow through ranges of brown, grey and deep black. Smoky Quartz is known as an Earth Stone and is very efficient at grounding and transmuting negative energy. Smoky Quartz is often called the “Stone of Power” as it is one of the most powerful stones for protecting, grounding, cleansing and helping focus.

It is known to deflect and return psychic attacks, shield against theft, change moods from negative to positive, reduce hostility and gossip, protect against negativity, and help someone through the “night of the soul”.

  • Smoky Quartz is powerful for the Root Chakra as it moves primal forces for healing as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Smoky Quartz creates a protective shield around the bearer.
  • Smoky Quartz gently dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages, releasing resentment, fear, depression, anger, stress and tolerating and even flourishing in emotionally trying times.

Because of the dark, earthy quality of Smoky Quartz, this crystal is aligned with Earth gods & goddesses as well as gods and goddesses of dark powers and the occult. Smoky Quartz is the national gem of Scotland. Both Druids and Celts considered it sacred. It got its start from the Celts who colonized the British Isles starting about 300 B.C. where they mined Smoky Quartz in the Cairngorm Mountains in the Scottish Highlands. They dubbed darker crystals “Morion” and lighter crystals “Cairngorm”.

Amethyst:- The Clairvoyant:

Amethyst is transparent to the opaque purple crystal that gets its colour when Manganese is present in Clear Quartz. Degrees of purple come from additional amounts of iron present. Amethyst opens the Third Eye & Crown Chakras enabling one to commune with Divine Sources. Amethyst is a high vibrating stone that eliminates low vibrating energies.

It also facilitates lucid dreaming, meditation, divine guidance, emotional healing, Clairvoyance, clear intuition, spiritual insight, and prophecy. As you open spiritual energy, it becomes a powerful spiritual protector to deflect and return psychic attacks.

  • A Stone of Sobriety for alleviating addictions and over-indulgence.
  • Associated with faithful lovers.
  • Stimulates creativity and deeper self-knowing.

The Roman poet Ovid writes that Bacchus, Roman God of Wine and Intoxication was enamoured with the unwilling nymph, Amethyst. Amethyst invoked the Goddess Diana who protected her by turning her into a crystal. In a rage, Bacchus threw his wine glass on it, forever staining it purple. In another version, Bacchus was angry and vowed that the first person he would meet should be eaten by a tiger.

The next person was innocent mortal Amethyst on her way to worship Diana. After Diana protected her by turning her into a pure white crystal, Bacchus felt like a jerk and poured his wine over the gemstone to forever give it a beautiful purple colour. The name Amethyst means “not intoxicated”. From this legend came the notion that Amethyst can prevent drunkenness or overindulgence. Romans and Greeks would stud wine goblets with Amethyst for this purpose and wear Amethyst to help them sober up or to calm passion. In ancient times, Amethyst was worn to control evil thoughts, shield against black magic, treachery and protect travellers. It was said to turn pale when an enemy was near.

So what are you waiting for? Buy these crystals today and shape your life and personality!


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