Here's Why Stylists Love Styling BLACKPINK's Lisa

Here’s Why Stylists Love Styling BLACKPINK’s Lisa!

BLACKPINK's maknae Lisa has now become the modern fashion icon and we all love her outfit choices. The group's stylist also loves to style her and we have find out the reason why they love to dress her. Read on to know!

The K-pop girl group BLACKPINK is well known for its catchy songs and impressive fashion choices. All the four members- Jisso, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa have unique characteristics of style which never fails to impress us. Among the four members Lisa, the maknae (youngest) in the group seems to be the ultimate favorite of all the stylists. The 23-year-old rapper has now become a modern-day style icon. She is a fashion enthusiast and loves to experiment with her style every now and then. Although her style resembles her group a lot, Lisa seems to pull off every outfit like a pro.

Recently, in an episode of TMI News, BLACKPINK’s Lisa was mentioned for her perfect proportion body and the reason why most stylists love styling her. Lisa has the perfect physique and her visuals are out of this world. It was also revealed that Lisa has ranked 3rd out of 6 female celebrities with the best body shape. Actress Lee Si Young being at first and Kim Seo Young at second.

200531 Lisa IG Update: BlackPink

The episode even mentioned her iconic dance video from LILI’s FILM #3- Lisa Dance Performance Video which gained a lot of attention among fans due to her gorgeous long legs and slim body figure. Apart from her small waist and long legs, her adorable small face also brings out her look even better. The bangs are a perfect icing for her whole get up and we are all for it! Her stunning visuals and body proportion make the job of a stylist even easier.

“Her body proportion on another level, out of this world. Her body proportions makes us think that she’s not a human”. – TMI News

The show also revealed that the group’s stylist mostly gives any of the outfits to Lisa if something didn’t work for any other member. She can carry unique or any funky outfit with ease and, therefore, it becomes a lot easier for the stylist.

“According to the director of YG Entertainment. Lisa’s body proportion is so perfect that all the styles that aren’t good on other members went to Lisa”. – TMI News

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The rapper also works very hard to keep herself healthy and fit, as she has been doing boxing from an early age to keep her body in perfect proportion. Also, dance is at the top of her list for an exercise regime.


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