Zeeshan Khan becomes the first most tweeted about Bigg Boss OTT contestant, trends at the No1 spot with 66K tweets

By tapasvi
New Update

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Zeeshan Khan has become one of the most talked about contestants on and off social media after his unfair eviction on the show on the pretext of violence, which has been called an unfair decision by his fans, people from the industry and viewers of the show.

Taking to social media, the audience and Zeeshan's angry fans have lashed out at the makers for being biased towards other contestants on the show who were equally at fault, and strongly supported Zeeshan for his elimination which they want to be reversed.

Social media and specially twitter has been abuzz with tweets pouring in to support Zeeshan, with people requesting the makers to bring him back on the show, which has resulted in him trending at the No1 spot with 66K tweets and more which are all in favour of the bathrobe boy!