Here Are The K-Pop MVs Borrowed From Comics

A comic book has many valuable visual forms of expression that also serve as precious collectibles. They are the form of art to inspire K-pop music videos in various ways. Here are some  K-pop MVs that borrowed from comics.

  1. Sunmi – “Tail”

Sunmi’s Tail MV channels the energy of an anti-heroine from the DC comics world. Subtly hinting at Catwoman, the soloist bears similarities summed up in her leather outfit with the signature nails coming out of her gloves, as well as her normal attire and long dark hair that reminds us of the early versions of Selina Kyle. The cherry on the cake is the famous scene where the character falls from a high building, only to land on the floor and end up surrounded by stray cats, thus creating her anti-hero persona.

2. Epik High – “Don’t Hate Me”

 Epik High is a memory of DC comics. The MV features kid actors who cosplay as notorious villains. Two of these villains include Two-Face with his traditional acid-disfigured face and the Joker from more recent comic versions as opposed to his green face from the earliest prints.

3.  2NE1 – “Hate You”

This music video is an original animation portraying the quartet. This being said, we can’t help but feel that it’s straight out of a post-apocalyptic manga, and many details in it remind us of the classic bits that we find in Japanese graphic novels.

4. PSY with Lang Lang – “Father”

This MV is a touching homage to fatherhood by PSY featuring Lang Lang is beautifully illustrated through the captivating style of Korean graphic novels. The singer tells the story of how his father cared for him and his family members all these years and that he finally recognizes that the best way to repay him is to spend time with him as he grows old.

5. Dumbfoundead – “Safe”

Dumbfoundead brilliantly borrows the face of many famous characters to make his point. A very swift appearance of Iron Man’s suit happens to be part of the selection, making it a direct reference to Marvel Comics.

6. BTS – “Anpanman”

Takashi Yanase’s “Anpanman” has been part of many of our childhoods and BTS honored that memory through a song. While there is no MV that goes with this fun track, the members vividly represent the hero bun man throughout the choreography during their live performances. Talk about a comic book character brought to life!


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