Coronavirus: Why The COVID-19 is Catching to Vaccinated People, Read To Learn More!

In our country many people have taken the COVID-19 vaccine, to breakout the chain. But really this vaccine will control the situation of COVID? Is this COVID vaccine is effective, and if effective how long? Many people are getting same question about the vaccine. And now it has seeing that vaccinated people are also getting infected again.

01/7 | Why the vaccinated people are getting COVID?

Now the pace of vaccination has increased and is being conducted across the world to break the chain of COVID. And in this we seeing is the shocking rise in the number of cases who are vaccinated people. The surprisingly vaccinated people are catching the COVID. There are many people who have been successfully vaccinated are facing newer worries. It can make one wonder how safe they are really, even with a vaccine.

02/7 | Why the breakthrough cases are rising in an alarming manner?

As we all know that the country is facing the second wave of COVID and even are seeing in many places that Delta variant is currently surging. As the number of cases is increased surprisingly and shocking is it is also detected among those who are vaccinated, partially or fully. Anecdotal evidence and trends of rising positivity rates have shown that there is rise in the number of people who have happened to catch COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.

03/7 | Is it is normal?

Not the every vaccines is currently are 100% protective. With the vaccines proving to be super effective and protective against COVID-19, there’s still a higher likelihood of getting a breakthrough case. The chances of catching post- vaccination cases are high because of the new variant. Since the vaccine that we have are the most effective against the original variant of the virus.

04/7 | How protection do we really have by this vaccination?

The clinical trials have shown that, most of vaccines are capable of launching a ‘strong’ immune response and lessen down the risk of infection. However there should be some who can face a major consequences. As per the latest finding published by the CDC, there’s currently little evidence to suggest that even those with the jab could end up in the hospital, but there is more risk for the people who are not vaccinated at the stage.

05/7 | Is there one more vaccine, which will more capable to break the chain?

There are total 11 vaccine approved Or have received regulatory nods for use. These vaccine works in difference means and varying degree of protection.. It could definitely be possible that some vaccines are more effective in the long-run and capable of evading breakthrough risks. However we are in pandemic and dont want to take any experiment to know which vaccine is best.

06/7 | Can we trust this vaccine? And are they are protective?

Vaccines have also been clinically studied to further lower down recovery timelines, the severity of symptoms. So, as worrying as getting a breakthrough case could be, vaccines can definitely tame down the risks you entail with COVID-19.

07/7 | Need to take care even after vaccine

Researchers are continuing to evaluate and work on better upgraded vaccines to further minimize the risks, and chances of breakthrough infections. However even after the vaccination it is necessary to take some awareness to cut down the risk of infection.


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